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Valentine's Day soon, don't procrastinate!

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What do you plan on (or already have gotten) getting your s/o?


When I get paid Friday (damn I bet it's gonna be crowded out there....), I'm gonna get my gf (been with her only since December, been talkin to her since October) something nice. Sometime during December she told me her nickname was "Lovely". And during our second date we looked at a heart shaped gold dog tag. So I plan on getting one of those with "Lovely" planted in there. Just to show her that I listen


And my bestfriend (female)... Well we've been going through a little something. We liked each other alot back in the summer but I didn't act on it so we became best friends. But still have feelings for each other. So now I've started to pay her less attention (so we can kinda lose these strong feelings we have and get to a regular bestfriendship). Haven't talked to her since Sunday. I'm gonna get her a dogtag (woot another one) that says "Bosslady" (it's a inside thing, and it's from back in the summer so this seems perfect to put a smile on her face). Gonna give it to a little girl at our church on Sunday and tell her to give to my best friend and tell her not to open it til Valentine's Day morning (it's not going to have my name on the envelope so she'll be surprised). I'll come up w/ something clever to put on the card.


That's it for me. What do you guys think?


And again, what are yall getting your s/o?

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ok, i would suggest not getting the two girls the same thing if they ever see one another at school or something....i mean if your girlfriend knows about your best friend and is ok with you two be friends she might be a little uncomfertable with the fact that you got her the same thing. the lovely tag for you g/f sounds like a good idea, but i would suggest maybe something else for the other girl....but that is just my opinion on how i might feel about seeing something like that happen to me.

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I agree with in_the_mirror, you shouldn't get both the girls almost exactally the same thing. When recieving a gift, it is the thought that counts. However, may seem to both the girls that you didn't put much thought into the gifts.


As a suggestion, (should you feel that you still want to get them both the dog tag) Get your Girlfriend the dog tag but get her two other gifts and play the importance of the dog tag down a bit. That way she can view it as though she got A,B, and the dog tag...where as your best girl-friend only got a dog tag. Hope this helps!

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