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getting a number

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Hi all,


Does anyone having any tips on getting an initial number froma girl-obviously in a fast situation where u dont have alot of time to get to know them or whatever-like in the pub or at the shop. i know cheesy lines dont work but how am i supposed to go about it in a pleasant non slimey way and still get them to be interested. Even not a number but an initial bit of fast conversation if ur going to see them again some time.


any help would be cool


thanks guys.

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hmm... i think the only way to not seem slimy is to strike up a conversation, not just ask a girl for a number. i'm not any good at this myself, but finding something to say that could just be to anyone at all, and then seeing how they respond to you before asking for a number (or giving her yours).

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If you've read any of my post you know I've been holding a torch hoping my best friend/lover/soulmate would rekindle our romance. Sadly, he stood me up on a dinner date a couple weeks ago and since then I've been hanging at the local pub. I have guys trying to get my cell# all the time but I don't give my number to just anybody. There is one guy that I probably would have given my number to had he asked, but he didn't. Instead, he gave me his. I called him yesterday & we had a very nice chat. Now, he has my # on his cell. Sooo, my advice is...instead of you asking for her number, give her yours...if she calls, you will know she's interested...and you will then have her #. Hope this helps ~*!qov!*~

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If you want to get a womens number in a hurry and not come accross as too available, keep it simple:


You may have heard of little special tricks like getting one of ur mates to ask a girl for a number for you, or useless scams / chat up lines. These dont work and will come accross as being very fake.


When you ask her for her number, you are asking her to make a decision and she will make that decision on how she feels. thereforeeee, you need to make her feel good when you ask!


make sure u do things like... smile, maintain eye contact, keep the conversation focused on her, using her name, talk about something u two have in common.


Make sure that when you talk to her, you are clear and articulate. Its not what you say but how you say it. Make sure u portray confidence when asking her (thats number 1).


keep the conversation short... make her laugh, or compliment her (then ask for her number) Leave on a good note and call her the next day.


easier said than done i kno, just keep it simple

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Here's my advice. First off i somewhat disagree with some of the posts above. I dont think u should give your # to a girl u want to get to know better u should get her #.


The majority of women STILL prefer the guy to be the assertive one and the one to do the chasing ie calling. Most women i know even if somewhat interested wont bother calling, why? many reasons, they're busy, they have other guys chasing after them, they like being pursued instead of the other way around, sometimes they just don't know what to say as they're not used to doing the calling. For these reasons stick to getting their number, besides do u really wanna stand around wondering if that girl is EVER gonna call, NO u want to find out then and there if u have a shot or not.


Another thing i've learned through much trial and error is that u NEVER i repeat NEVER directly ask for her phone #. In other words don't ask, but tell her to give u her #. Here's what I mean, when u say "can i have your #" you leave yourself completely at her mercy u come off as needy and unsure. Her only response can be yes or no. Never ask a question that will give you that yes or NO. What u want to do is come off as assuming she's gonna give u her phone # and it's no big deal. One thing i've found great success with is after initially talking and having a pleasant coversation say "hey listen it was great meeting u but i gotta get going, here (give her a piece of paper or your cell phone) why don't u write down your # and we'll talk more later". Or outright say as your leaving "here give me your # and i'll call u sometime"


You're now in a position of power, you're subtly TELLING them to give you their # or give u reasons why not to give u their #. The majority of the time you'll get the #, why? because u came off as confident, sure of yourself, and as if to say hey it's no big dealing giving me your #. And besides most girls arent gonna sit there and say well here is why i wont give u my #, they wont have that easy out that is the NO response that comes with the "Can i have your #" question.


However, make sure that you read her body language correctly and only attempt to get phone #'s from girls u feel you've somewhat connected with. I'm sure many here will disagree with my suggestions but they've endured the test of time with me. Hope this helps, now go get em.

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when a girl is giving you her number she is giving you more than just her number... She is saying that she has some kind of interest in you, giving away fairly personal information that could be abused by you, and having the possibility of some kind of future contact with you. So there is a little bit more going on than just a "phone number" its more complex than that to her.


To just presume that its okay for her to give you her number, is the wrong way to go about it. Asking a girl for her number once you have built up rapport is polite and shows common curtisy.


Trying to find a manipulative way to making her give you her phone number achieves nothing. The simpler you make it the better. Dont over complicate it

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Well, I kind of agree with the assertive role myself. I have never had a girl call me when I have given her my number. thereforeeee, I only get their number. If they don't give it to me, then I know not to waste my time anyway. As for asking vs. telling, this tends to work best for me: "It was really nice talking to you and I'd like to get to know you more. Give me your number and I will give you a call" (you can also add "to make plans" if you have been tlaking about doing stuff).


So, it's not rude, but it is more assertive than just "Can I have your number". I don't view it as pressuring at all. They have every ability to say no if they want to. Not like you're saying "Give me your number or I will stalk you".

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Please Venus explain how "you were a jerk about it". It's not pressuring someone jeez u make it sound like the guy is gonna be holding a gun to her head. Either she'll give u her # or whe wont i'm not advocating taking no for an answer, not at all. I dont think u fully understood my post. The initial post was about tips on "getting the initial number" and that's exactly what i suggested tips on getting the #. I knew people would disagree but hey it's cool, just trying help the guy out with tips I KNOW work. I think NJRon knows where i'm coming from on this one.

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