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so i met a guy


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I posted an ad on an online thing. most of the responses were lame and i had pretty much forgotten about it when i got an email from a guy that seemed pretty cool. and when i checked out his myspace profile that he sent me he seemed like he could be pretty attractive (never sure until you meet and talk to someone). anyways, when i replied i sent him a link to my myspace profile and a short email, saying i couldn't write much cause i was at work. he sent me a request to be friends really late at night but did not send me a message or anything. should i just wait until he writes me? or should i write him? i just don't know if he thought i might be attractive or not...

silly, silly, this is why i don't like dating, such silly dilemmas.

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hmmm... that's a good idea, but i would think if he liked me, he'd have written me the same already.

i think i might stick it out, cause in the past i always am the one that tried the most and i just don't want to get into something like that again. i want to date someone that i don't have to chase...

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I don't think you have anything to lose by writing him. It is not like you know each other or you have become emotionally attached. I hate when people request to be on my friends list. It seems these people just want to have as many people on there as they can. With that being said, I would guess he finds you attractive. I don't know too many guys that would ask a woman to be on their friend list unless they think they are attractive. It seems to be a bit of a trophy thing. Meaning people like to have attractive people on their friend list to make themselves look better. Myspace is defiitely a strange space. lol I am casually dating someone from their and she drive me nuts.

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yeah i just sent him a short email asking how was his day, we'll see. he also has a little girl (he's 27, so just one year older than me), so i'd have to *really* like him to get involved with him, ya know? cause that's a lot to take on if it got serious or something, depending on the circumstances... we'll see what happens.

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