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pcos & hypothyroidism - but still pregnant!


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Hi everyone


I just want to say to all women out there who are trying hard for a baby - don't give up! I have pcos and hypothyroidism and still conceived - naturally. Was trying for a number of years after coming off dianette, had no periods, weight gain, hirsuitism and all the usual symptoms of those disorders. My gynaecologist put me on 100mg of Clomid which induced ovulation (but no pregnancy). I had a few sessions of acupuncture along the way but still no pregnancy. Really thought we would have to try IVF and had just about given up on natural conception. Then out of the blue I had some pregnancy related symptoms and thought I would do the test...shocked! As said, this pregnancy was totally natural, not Clomid or IVF induced. So, don't lose hope! Good Luck to all you people trying for babies.




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I also want to say good luck to all those couples trying to have a baby. Anything can happen, just don't give up hope. My sister and her husband had been trying various methods for a few years, but were unable to have a child. Finally, they simple decided to adopt. And that baby has brought them more joy in the last 9 months then I think they have ever had before. So whether its natural, through adoption, or some other means.... don't give up. If you want a child, eventually you will have one. And it will be worth everything you have to go through and more.


PS. Congratulations on the baby!

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Hey Congratualtions!


I go to school with a woman who has PCOS and so much scarring that only one of her ovaries is considered functional at this point. She has 19 month old twin girls and she is 5 months pregnant with her third child.


It's possible!!


Make sure you follow up with your doctor and get your Levothyroxine regulated properly during the pregnancy.


Congrats, that is truly great news.

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