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My first valantine's i wanna be romantic!!!


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so, here is the thing..i've never been so in love before..and valantine's is comin as u all know..i need to know how can i be romantic..i've got lil experience in this..i wanna make him happy and i want to have a special day with him..what kinda gift should i get him? what should i say and how should i act? any suggestions ,comments? maybe stories? its my first valantine's i always get to breakup with my ex bfs right before this day..this time..am celebratin it HELP

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hey!!well this is like my third valentines day.Usually i dont get my boyfriends anything for valentines but this year is my first to get my boyfriend something i gonna tell you what i have in mind for my boyfriend. the weekend after valentines day on saturday i will bake him cake. have bought chocolate and this aftershave i love. then we'll spend all saturday together i would celebrate it on the actuall day but we have school and he has basketball so it wouldnt work too well. thats just some idea's for you to work with!!

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A thread where people are sharing romantic ideas and stories. Maybe something in there will give you an idea.


Basically though, the important thing is that you are together. The actual activity is secondary compared to being with the one you love and having fun. Think of something he will enjoy. It can be fancy. Or it can be as simple as staying in, ordering pizza, watching a movie, and spending the night cudding in each other's arms.

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