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she loves me or not

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I am so much confused related to a girl that i dont know she loves me or not..There is a girl who is friend of mine ..we use to talk face to face and on phone..what i feel she was intrested in me..her smile..her eyes use to show that she intrested in me..what i feel she was intrested in me....i hinted to her also that i like her i m intrested in her...before i should propose her she told me she have fiancy..i dont know what the heck it was...did she played the bluff with me or i was wrong she was intrested in me..or she is testing me..i am so much confused.

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Sometimes one's head can be above the clouds and not see things for what they truly are. You may need to ask yourself if you really knew enough about this person to make a decision to fall in love with her.


Women sometimes like to feel wanted and do not realize that their innuendos can be mistaken for love. Often times it is best to just get straight to the point with someone very early on in a relationship because that will save yourself and her time.


I believe right now you are hurting more than anything. And you feel betrayed or used. But ask yourself if you got so love sick with this person that you forgot to communicate your true intentions.


If she misled you, its time to move on. You don't want to be involved with someone who likes playing the field with friends, let alone with you.


Good luck

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