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girl/girl thing..a gentle approach?..

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hey, i have a problem...im a teenager and ive had a big crush on this other girl (a friend of mine) for a long time now and i think she knows, or at least gets the message cause im really nervous round her...i dont get this: from our conversations she seems very interested in guys (which im not, and never make an effort to pretend i am) but sometimes, and lately especially, she openly says shes going through a period of disinterest in guys, saying theyre all worthless, superficial, etc... She'll give me long glances, little floot-flirting momentos if we're sitting side by side and ...its weird...some days its like we both sort of act more 'normal' around each other but others theres this strong 'flirting' thing going on (and i feel it, its not just that im seeing what i want to see, kind of thing). i dont know if these things are reciprocal, but on the days when i feel most nervous around her, she seems to pick up on this and gets extra giggly/blushy, etc. Im really into her...ive brushed lightly on the topic of gay issues with her and she always makes sure to say she has ntg against gays/lesbians if she's going to make a point about them or say smtg related. what should i doo?¿ its awkward but im feeling extremley bi-curious...how can i find out is shes feeling the same..i mean i really dont want to freak her out or make her feel 'threatened' by plain asking her..thats harder than what people think...is there any gentle approach i can make? anything i should do? thanx so much, and really appreciating advice.

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She's already said that she's gone off guys. I think this is a signal for you to say something. you've also said that some days she's flirting with you. Why don't you just admit to her that you're bi-curios and see where the conversation goes from there?


If you don't talk to her you'll never find out!


Good luck

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Maybe talk to her more about this curiosity, like ask her those things like - ever made out with a girl blah blah blah you know kinda things. She might give you hints back and there you go.


But I was wondering, how are is she and you? because she can be also bi-curious, and just wants a make out - just to try you know? Because these days two girls making out is "very coooool"! That's what I've seen around. But anyways. Go for it,but not with high hopes or you'll get hurt.


good luck

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