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After just a week: Mystery girl 2 Paris

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Hi, I've posted before recently, my other post was called "When you HAVE to see them everyday", and just explaining how this guy i had a thing with for a few months broke it off, saying he cannot be in a full on relationship, and he can't do attachment, or commitment because of what happened last time he tried it. IT was confusing because only a few days before he was all over me acting like he was completely infatuated over me. Anyway, he said its not fair on me etc. etc.


Now a week after we break up: my friend asked him his plans for half term and Valentines day and he he's taking a girl to Paris. And it's not me.


When I found this out, it was like: and couldn't breath and felt like i've been stabbed in the heart as a top up to what I already have dealt with.


WHAT?!?!?!?!!!!! He couldn't have cheated on her, especially not for that long, because he's strongly against 'cheating' which he would consider even a one time thing, let alone over a few months. And he couldn't have met her whilst being infatuated over me, because he didn't go out for those three weeks STRAIGHT he was revising for his exams I was even there to witness this for most of it.


So, does this mean i meant so little to him that he's met someone, within a few days and asked her out?! After being so hesitant about officially asking me out for all those months?!


Please help! xxx

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Well I don't know much about his past, I only met him in September... but how can I find out? Can I ask him?! It's just all this time I've been so sweet to him, because HE'S been so sweet about everything, plus I didn't want to see desperate, like I cared. But I actually WANT A REASON TO FLIP, like him being with her whilst he was seeing me. He needs yelling at, because he could never imagine me being angry at him in a million years; in his eyes I'm utterly sweet and naive considering I forgave him for what he did with a sweet smile on my face believing his little act. But he's so against cheating on girlfriends, so he couldn't have been with her whilst with me?! And he said he didn't want a full on relationship with anyone at the moment, so who takes a randomer to Paris. This is weird...

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I don't know... when it came up a while ago when were "together", he said that he's been cheated on so he wouldn't do that but that he'll be honest with me and that he has cheated on a girl once before and that was when he was REALLY DRUNK. So he couldn't have been cheating on his girlfriend with me. Our thing was not a 'one time thing'... it was for quite a while...


Today my friend said she's been with her boyfriend for 18 months and as a joke he said that most of his relationships don't last more than three months because after that he's like 'fresh start fresh start!!!!'


I just want to cry.


Plus - We just broke up college for half term. Last time we broke up college he said 'oh I feel so bad saying goodbye...when am I going to see you next? Maybe I'll see you later this evening.... I'll call you'. THIS time he saw me and briefly said; 'Hey, have a good holiday okay, love you loads bye'.

I WANT TO BURST OUT CRYING!!!!!!!! I hate this I hate this I hate this. HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY?! So we're not going to meet up once... Moved from a priority to a NOTHING? He goes from being infatuated over me to.... not caring whatsover? From him wanting to see me so much to not wanting to see me at all? Sorry for rambling. I'm just so so so upset and can't make sense of anything.

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