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We've fallen apart..

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many of you'd be happy to know that me and my boyf have grown apart and haven't spoke to eachother for 3 days now....the thing is i dont care i dont mind he doesnt really cross my mind but everytime i think of the good times i feel like poo! im just so clueless because valentines is coming up and my b day on the 16th and i just dont know what to do.

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Hey LilR,


I think it's for the best. He is not a good influence on your life, and you will later on experience that love is something else than what you experienced from him. What you should do? Well, ignore V-day, or buy a bunch of red roses for yourself, have a great night out with a bunch of single girlfriends, and have a good party on your b-day without your ex. (assuming that you consider him your ex now?)


Take care and chin up!



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