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always assuming too much?


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ok one thing I have noticed is that always when I like a girl, and I just see her talking and touching some other guy who I really don't know, I always go like "oh yeah that's her bf, game over." That's an intuition for me, usually my intuition is quite accurate but apparently not in these cases - I've soooo many times found that I'm wrong in these.


Have you had this kind of experiences, or do you have any explanation of what's wrong with me? It's really stupid, keeps me rethinking on and on about asking out. Sometimes it has even been like "ok that dude 1 is her bf, game over." and next day she's hanging with someone else and I go like "ok that dude 2 is her bf". Later I find out that both are long time friends of hers or something.....




(Now I'm not saying that a girl who I like couldn't have a boyfriend, but you know, I have been wrong so many times with these that I'm starting to wonder)

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