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Some advice for my valentines idea

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ok well for valentines day i know people might be getting sick of answering questions and stuff for it but i guess thats why everyone is here. well anyway to the point.


i just want some advice but what im doing for my gf i am going horse riding with her after school because she is obsessed with her horses. then going back to my house and luckily i hav a spa bath and about 8:30 so its night, i will get some scented candles going and some bath oils in the bath and some relaxing music for and just let her soak for as long as she wants.


some advice for that would be good thnx.

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thought i may as well update considering people answered bak to me, i went horse riding with her, she loved it, i was having much fun because it started hurting me balls (sorry to be direct), then went back to my house, made out for a while then i set up the bath and she loved it, the powder that i got for the bath made the bath red and i had candles and stuff so it made the room pretty red, looked heaps mad, she got in the bath and sat in the bath for about close to 2 hrs and she said it was the most relaxed she had felt in years. Turned out great.

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