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Haven't moved on yet, and I'm already with someone new.

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Hey Mandi,


I think you moved too soon in the relationship with Chris. If I were you, I'd first get a place of my own before moving in with him. You are obviously not over your ex, and this is not honest to you or Chris. Why do you want to move in with him THIS soon!? You have been together for just a few months, even if you didn't have a recent breakup, this would be really soon to move in with someone. It sounds like you have issues being intimate with Chris, this is a serious red flag, I'd say.


I think that you are seriously on the rebound and moving in together at this point will only make things worse. Get yourself another place first, and start dating Chris casually and SLOWLY.



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2 soon..... get to know yourself and like yourself all by yourself.... then consider heavy dating... i would slow down a bit and take it slow... im not a expert but have seen these type of rebound relationships rarley work out...they actually stunt our growth...and we never find out the lesson from the relationship prior.. but friends is cool take it slow

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