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Still in love!

:smile: So if you have read some of my past posts, i simply vent on here!


all my life I knew that i was bi but didnt accept my feelings until my senior yr! When i met my 1st boyfriend! We hit things off right away and i really felt comfortable with him! We proceeded to date for about a yr! Before I dated him I thought that I was in love with a gurl that I once dated...but I quickly found out the meaning of true love and wat its like! We had a bad break up....because I went away to college we didnt see eachother at all! So we started to distance ourselves...and to shorten a long story he had a fling! I was hurt beyond explanation, and after dealing with my pain for a while....we broke up! Months later we started talking again as friends....and honestly i keep trying to distance myself from him because we are not together right now, and I its hard to bare not being with the one that you love!


Well recently, we talked about a lot of things....and we both realized that we still love eachother...and we plan to be together again when our lives allow it! As much as I would wanta be with him right now, its not a good idea to start a long distance relationship...especially bcuz thats wat broke us up! But yeah we talk often and I cant seem to get rid of him! I told him that Its hard for me to be his friend bcuz we arent together...and (after an emotional episode) he made a good point...we know eachother in and out...and we do want to be in eachothers lives!


I have only had 1 bf and I was his first serious bf! I have tried again and again to move on...even recently going out with this guy (but I cant seem to pass these barriers) I know its because I am still in love with my ex, but I really feel like its time for me to move along since we are not together! I am constantly reminded by him...by certain songs, scents, places, thoughts etc.


Right now Im thinking either

a.) get over the fact that we are not together, keep a good friend and if its meant to be we will get back together

b.) bcuz its so difficult to deal with the fact that we are friends but not lovers (even though we love eachother) try to separate myself from him

c.) try to get together...even though our lives doesnt allow this (time, location and the fact that we broke up bcuz of distance).



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You have to decide what it is you really want. Do you want to wait for him? Or do you think you should be seeing other people? If you see other people, are you going to be able to put everything into the relationship, or are you going to be wishing you were with him still? If you and him are planning on getting back together later, is that an agreement between you two, or are you free to see other people? In which case, there is the chance that you will meet someone else and not be in a position to get back with him at a later time. Is he seeing other people or is he waiting for you?


Sorry to ask so many questions, but there is a lot to consider. With in relationship, I always advise to just follow your heart. If it is still with this guy, then wait for him or just don't think about a relationship for awhile and enjoy being single. But if your heart really says to move on, then pursue someone else should the opportunity come along.

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