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after 43 days of non stop fighting.......

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So some of you know my situation. After a year on our aniversary, christmas day, she broke up with me for another guy. Well that didnt work out so she started talking to me more. I didnt wanna give her up at all so i kept it cool, while fighting for her my hardest. We saw eachother maybe once a week, 2 if i was lucky. But somedays she would set up dates for us, and flat out stand me up. She then would say shes really busy this time of her life, but in 3 weeks, we will be getting back togeather. She then started saying I love you like 50 times every time we talked.


Well after a rocky battle, on the 30th of january (the day she stoped talking to me), she met some guy on the INTERNET!!!! For some reason thats when things went to hell! some guy who is 2 years younger than her, ugly as all h*ll, and works in a junk yard. I followed their myspace romance for a while and they finally met last saturday. She said he is SO sweet, but not her type. He has piercings all over and just isnt anything what she wanted.


Well I had a huge relief, because we planned to go out and get a dog for US. we had this day planned for 2 weeks. She was so Excited sunday morning, she woke up at 6am to call and leave a voicemail. Well i called her back and she said she had to go. NOTHING after that. I found out she spent the superbowl with this loser, and then changed how she felt with him. Now she loves him? some 17 year old punk? that was a rough day, She said she wants to be with him, and never wants to talk again. 12 hours later she finally said yea, i wanna see you. And today, i got a call from her, it was a good call, and she said babe twice. she said she HAS to see me after work. Well 7 hours later when i got off work, i called and she laughed and hung up. I was so confused but PISSED! not again. The only way she would talk to me for the past 2 weeks, would be if I sent her a text saying:


text me #1 for bla bla bla, #2 for bla bla bla and 3 for bla bla bla.


She responded with #3 which was I never wanna talk to you again.

wow, i guess she went back to this guy. I then jumped online and saw she was on. I quickly asked her why? and she said i screwed up her life, and she hates me more than anything. She said im a loser and wished she never met me, because she would still have all her friends. I have been the ONLY friend there for her for 1 1/2 years! not even her parents! She kept blocking my Screen names, and finally said "STOP im going to change my number and call the cops". that was that.


She has no pictures of me, and hasnt seen me in almost 3 weeks. Every time she looks at me, she starts crying saying OMG! why did i do! i need u so bad! She now thinks this ugly guy is ok looking, because she cant get any better. But I look better NOW than I ever have. Im so tan, gained 20lbs of pure muscle since nov. and all my friends call me brad pitt. I drive a very nice car, and he drives a rusted geo with a HUGE spoiler on the back.


How would i be able to get her to see me just ONCE? Ive made up my mind that i wanna fight for this girl, even tho i know i have little or no chance, thats why im here. Ive done 43 days of pain, crying and NON stop fighting, and im not giving up because I was SO SO SO close. There were times where we would meet up, but SOMEHOW, one of us would get lost, or had a serious emergency, like out of a movie, it was doomed. Last night I was at work, but she stopped by but couldnt see me cuz i was buisy with a client, 2 seconds after that client left, i had to chase her car because i was off by 1.5 seconds. No luck.


Anybody know how to get myself out there so she knows i exsist? change my myspace? i know she would check that. I was so close, but it seems no matter what i do, things would just do a 180 right as i was about to see her. litterally, seconds before i would see her, inches before i got to her car, she would drive off, because she didtn think i was coming. MAN! i am traumitsed that now she HATEs me, and I lost her when i was SO close...i mean you dont even know, so close i smelled her perfume she was wearing but somehow BAM we wouldnt even get to make eye contact


Somehow we dont live in the same dimension, its like a bad movie, where im RIGHT infront of her, but she cant see me cuz im dead or somthing! I cry SO hard sometimes guys! Is it a curse where i could be looking at her, but she cant find me? when we meet up? and then i chase her through the mall? but then gets lost in a crowd? NO JOKE! at the mall, that happened, i was about to start making a scene just so she would see me!


Anybody know? I can tell you, this has been an effing WAR, and i dont think NC will help right now when she has that guy.


I need some people to brainstorm how i can get her to see me ONCE, and then thats it, she WILL call once she sees me somehow. Please help I need it SO BAD right now.

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i think your obsessing over her to much for one and you should just lay back and act like your ok and go on with your life...eventually she will either want you back or not but after what she has done i dont think your better off with her...i have really good experience with that kinda thing and i know it's hard but you need to just walk away and things will be so much better for you.

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yea i know that, but everybody always just says give up! this girl is the type where fighting for her, will win her. How do you think that ugly guy got her, non stop flowers, cards all shorts of CRAP! Its almost like what ever I do, gets lost somehow.


I havent talked about "us" for 2 weeks, its only been about friendship. I told her she was my best friend, and I would always be there for her, because we have so much fun together. What ever, i know for a FACT we couldnt just JUMP into the relationship, but she is the girl, i NEED in my life, even if its just as a friend.


Ive went on 27 dates since christmas day, and all 27 just didnt go anywhere. It was boring, i talked my butt off tho and made them laugh and was like the perfect dream guy, but still.....its kinda like taking a scooter or skateboard, over a lambourgini or ferrari. I want the ferrari!


Ive had 43 most MESSED up dreams, just confirming she is the most important person in my life. Im not obsessed at all. When she doesnt hate me, she calls me, i dont call her. But I know when times like this, where she HATES me, i cant give her up cuz she will be taken by all the guys who are drooling over her. She has more potential than even her parents know. She was about to get signed by one of the most famous record lable too, but her parents didnt think she would make it...i still have her CD and i could make millions with it. Shes filming a movie right now, but still i dont understand, why cant we be friends? I am the only person in her life, while her dad/mom abuse her, her friends dont care, but I was always there to hold her.


I really just wanna get her to talk to me again, so i can talk to her why she has this anger for me, and that i really didnt ruin her life.


Will she come to realise that on her own? or will she need me to show her somehow?

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I've been lurking on this forum for a month to get me over my own breakup (now over it) but have kept reading. I finally had to register and post something because posts like this have been driving me absolutely freakin' nuts. Not only is your situation so black and white, but the advise that people give simply isn't direct enough. This girl isn't just being mean, she's being outright cruel and she knows it. From what you've told us the girl is flat out evil - it has nothing to do with her not seeing you. She's the type that waits until you're 2 inches away, watching you in the rearview the whole time, and speeds off the minute you reach your hand out.


The only reason you think she's a prize is because you can't have her. People like her use the power of their charisma all the time just to mess with people who fall for them simply to boost their own ego. This girl is all over the place and she treats you worse than anyone I personally know has ever been treated simply because she knows she can. I guarantee that her laughing at you when you called is not the first time she's laughed at you. The only remedy to stop making yourself the victim is to wipe her from your memory. She simply needs to stop existing in your world. Stop checking her myspace, lose her number, stop IMing her. You're not fighting for her - you're making a fool of yourself because she's not asking for space, she's telling you to go the hell away.


Yes, this may seem harsh, but you need a serious reality check. This girl is not a good person by any stretch of the imagination. She may be beautiful or whatever, but she's a horrible human being. You'd be better off playing in rush hour traffic on the freeway - at least then you'd have some chance of getting away without being hurt. With her I assure you only pain and embarrassment will result. RUN! And don't look back!

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I'm glad justkeeprunning registered and posted that, because it is pretty close to what I was oging to say. Why on earth would you want someone like that? Let alone, actually work hard at it? Unless you are a glutton for punishment it sounds like you are better off without her.

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