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How do I not care?

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So I had another run-in with the ex best friend today. She IM'd me at work, saying she was taking some of my clothes she still had to my parents. She went on saying that she knew that I was the one that egged her car ( I didn't but it looks bad because I was at my parents the same night which is 9 houses away from her, AND because our big blow out fight had happened the night before)... she woudln't believe anything I was saying. Then, she started just trying to get me going. She was telling me stuff about the guy I had been seeing (I posted about him too.. we're just friends now) saying that he just f___ed me and left me and that I got played and that everyone could see it but me. She told me he was trying to get on some girl when he went to the bars with her 3 weeks ago, when we were still very much together. All of this stuff was all lies.... assumptions and stuff to just try to get me going. I'm such a stupid girl I just started bawling. I text the guy I was seeing and just told him I needed to talk to him and for him to call me. He called me right away, and I Just let him have it. I was a little heated at the time, and accused him before even giving him a chance to explain. After I had calmed down, he said that my ex-friend was jsut trying to get under my skin. That there was no chick at the bars (which is probably true because he came home to me that night) and that he didn't just use me for sex. That he really cared and still does and that this girl he's with now dosen't even compare to me?? Why is he with her then? Not that I want him anymore, but why would he tell me that? He said he dosen't see them lasting and that they're having problems.. lol... to remind everyone it's been 5 days since they "met"... but anywayz, I just want to not care about any of this anymore. I hate the fact that she can still get me so upset... that she knows exactly what to say to just break me down... and I can't do anything to stop it. I tried to be so nice and all she could do was say horrible things... How can I stop caring? How can I make the things she says not hurt?

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the thing is, I never know what to believe with him. He can seem so genuine and nice and sweet.. and then he turns around and does stuff like this. I have dumped her. I don't want to have anythign to do with ehr anymore.. With him it's a different story. I don't want ot be with him anymore at all... I actually have another guy that I'm starting to talk to. We're taking things really slow... but we have an interest in each other, and I by no means want the other guy back at all... but we used ot be such good friends that it's hard not to want that back.... I dunno.. maybe I should just let the whole thing go and just cut all of them out of my life...

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