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i wish she would grow out of this.


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Alright.. my ex girlfriend... she told me that she likes to be able to make out with guys.. and not have to worry about relation ships.. this is really childish if you ask me. I went out with her for about 1 month and the whole time she was always flirting with other guys, She got wat she wanted didnt she? she got to make out with me..Yea thats all she wanted..after we kissed like a few days later she dumped me. and it was a very passionate kiss. She wanted to be Make out buddies and i was actualy looking at it as a relation ship. yea... i fell 4 her and i barly knew her. Im stupid. i should of saw it coming.. right after she dumped me shes with another guy now. Shes had like 7 boyfriends in the past year.. i feel bad for her.. but she could change this. I just dont want her to be one of those people that grow up and get divorced like 4 times just because they saw a guy that was "HOTTER" i was always nice to her. doing romantic things.. hugging her.. flirting.. but just because she saw a guy that she thought was better looking then me she left me. Hes a boring guy... he just likes to sit around and do nothing and he rarely talks.. just because hes better looking, Well i hope she learns her lesson that its more than just looks.

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Well, if she is as promiscuous as you've said, I think you outta be relieved it only lasted a month. Be greatful you didn't spend a great tract of time with this girl only to have her pull this when you'd taken a firmer attatchment to her.


Sounds like the girl has got issues, and she outta be beneath your concern. Find yourself a girl who's got scruples, and self-esteem, because a girl like what you had isn't worth it.

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I'm guessing you and your ex are pretty young, so don't worry about it she's obviously extremely immature right now and u know what, that's not YOUR problem. So u fell for her or thought you did, believe me something tells me you'll really fall for someone down the road and realize the feeling you have for this girl isn't love. Thank your lucky stars she's not your girl anymore and if u feel that strongly about her keep your distance from her it'll just hurt u seeing her like this. Later

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