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As of today I now have legal custody of my two kids.


It's been a pretty full on 4 weeks running up to the court date but it finally all got resolved and the final orders were drawn up today.


So a good win for the kids and a good win for me.


I also had to meet up with the ex today to pick up one of the cats that had gone missing. She hasn't seen the kids since she left them with me on January 5th so I took the kids with me and she spent a couple of hours with them and they all had a good time.


She has committed to getting her illness under control and getting her life back in order again and realises that her behaviour has not been good for either herself or the kids.


I'm going to let her see them again on Saturday and they are all going to go swimming, and we will see how that goes.


Hopefully this is the start of something positive for her and the kids and in time the pain everyone has gone through in the last few Months wont feel so bad.


I have made it very clear that I am not interested in getting back into a relationship with her but am happy to allow her to have open access to the kids because the kids love her and need her to be part of their lives.


I'll keep you posted.

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Well, congratulations i guess u deserve it..this is just the beginning of a new happy life with your kids hopefully. The fact the you let your ex see her kids from time to time is a really positive and great idea. Its indeed a good news though i don't really know you yet am happy for you and am glad that everything went well..good luck

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Congratulations crossflow, I know your story in essense, and am very glad the courts awarded you custody - but also very glad you are also very open to allowing their mother to be in their lives....I really hope she does get herself under control so she can get herself on track, and be there for your children too in a healthy, positive way.

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