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so the other week i was in new york on holiday and my gf was back home in england. went out with her mates and stuff. i got back and we were fine.


then few days later i was on her msn n someone signed on said hello... asked her who he was n she didnt say anything, got a lil defensive n that was it, she went down for food n he popped up again sayin "hiya sexy"


so u looked threw he msn convo with her n its her ex bf.. her "1st love"

i shouldnt have gone threw the msn history bit, but not even 6 days b4 she did the same with my msn who was just a girl.. nothing more. she went mental at me.


i look through this and well it started off by


"i hate to ask you this but do you still love me"




why, do you still have feelins for me?

you know i dont even have to answer that,i do


when i read that my heart sank n i talked to her about it the 2nd she came back, she said sorry and she needed to know but she doesnt ever want to go back to, she was just curious.

we had loads of arguments over the last week about it and she said that all the arguin between us has made her "lose" any feelings she had for him, and there still goin away pretty quick,


its the fact that i dunno she admitted to loving somone else, i just dunno what to do, stay with her or brake up.. wish it was easy but i love her and we have been threw alot that most normal couples wouldnt.

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Having feelings left over for an ex is common. When you are with someone, you grow attached and even when you are no longer together, a part of you wishes you were. I think somewhere in our hearts we always love the person. But if they are with you, love you, and things seem to be going well with you, then I wouldn't think much of it. I'd be more concerned that she didn't want to tell you. A relationship needs honesty and communication. You two need to talk it over calmly and try to work out just how you each feel.

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