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Should I try again?


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Ok, this is getting dumb but I need advice again. Met this girl and made out with her within 1 hr. Did some stupid stuff and she turned cold that same night.


Called her next day but she couldn't talk and said she would call me back, she never did. I sent her an email(I deleted her number) to invite her to see this musical and she accepted. Replied to ask which day she'd like to go, she didn't reply. Emailed her a week later telling her I made other arrangement because it was too late to get tickets. She appologized saying she hadn't checked her email for a long time and but would like to see me again. She gave me her number again and asked me to give her a call.


Called her last night to setup a date this weekend, she said she is not sure because she may go camping with friends, said she would call me back and let me know. Judging from her past record I have a feeling she won't call. Should I give it one more try or should I just give up if she doesn't call? The feeling she gave me is she is interested but not interested enough to make things easier for me.

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Well you could throw this one out the window or the next time you call her, be straight up with her. Tell her how you feel and that you are interested. Let her know that if she wants to continue to play her little game that your done. See where it goes from there. If she really has an interest in you and she is not just stringing you along, something will blossom.

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Don't call her at all. The ball is in her court... she said she would call you. If she never does, then you have her answer Move to greener pastures in the meantime.


And don't wait for her call or expect it. You'll meet someone else for sure and this situation will quickly become a distant memory...

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