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so today on the bus ride home, the girl that i like, (she knows i like her) sat next to me. so it was my job to flirt with her, and while i was flirting with her she kept teasing me and stared at my chinky eyes and smiled. what does that mean? anyways shes a blonde and im a korean but believe me i can get any girl at my school. and when i was getting off the bus she was like "thank God" and kinda giggled, i think? well i plan on sitting next to her tomorrow on the bus, cuz we dont have any classes togetherr but we live really close in the hood!

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she is pretty good looking herself

do you have any good questions to pop at her to find out if she does like me, nothing serious...cuz im a outgoing funny good looking guy and thats why most girls like me, but yeah i dont wanna ask her somethuing like DO YOU LIKE ME OR NOT YOU WH0RE

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well of course not man cuz no chick likes to be called a * * * * * it's just logic but all i do when i find a girl i like you go after her first ask her out to somewhere sometime i remember when i was in junior high and not being able to drive (legally of course but i'd invite her to one of the basketball games or something where you both can be or just hang out sometime but you gotta go for her before she goes for this other guy

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