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The girl that i like is now available... what should i do?


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A girl that i met about 2 months ago broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. I have liked this girl for about a month and she flirts with me constantly, even when she had her boyfriend. She would tell me things that she wouldnt tell anyone else and act different around me than everyone else. Well now she is available and she is already calling me to make plans. I dont know what to do right now, should i play it cool and be there for her right now? I dont want to be a rebound because i really like this girl for some reason. What would be the best thing to do in my situation and how can i go abouts letting her know that i like her?



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How would you feel if you just broke up with your girl? You'd probably either: A) want her back, or B) want someone to fill the void in your life left by her departure, or C) want nothing to do with the opposite sex.


You've got to give this thing time. That's a catch-22 because if you put the moves on her, you risk being her rebound. If you become her friend, you risk falling into the proverbial "friend zone." If you maintain some distance, you risk losing her...


I think only you can feel this situation out for yourself. Trust your intuition and best judgment and go for it either way... and remember..."if it's meant to be, it will."

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I agree with frisco..



Plus there's something else I'm concerned about though, why was she flirting with you even when she had a boyfriend? There were probably some problems in the relationship that she wasn't dealing with. Because of the circumstances, I would be extra careful in getting too attached to this one girl. Date other people, do your own thing, and don't make her a priority unless she's serious about it.

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