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2 week of NC - Need encourement

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Its been two weeks of NC. Every day I think of her. There are some days I feel fine and others I feel down. Today I am depressed and I am afraid I won't find love and I will be depressed for years. I am also tempted to break NC by sending her a friendly V-day card. Just to show I care about her and I am thinking of her. Should I? I am not going to expect for her responce but I think it will make me feel better if I do it.

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not sure what your story is...but don't break NC!!!! i'm with you on the 2 wks, so i know really how hard it is, even been tempted a few times to email...but no! you are stronger than that, and yes, you will find someone else who is willing to give you what you deserve

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Here are a couple of thoughts for you...


A trick I've used is to tell yourself, "OK, I'm going to call/email/contact her in two days." Really believe that. Write down what you want to say ahead of time. Read it over and over again. Get all psyched about it and excited. Then that day comes and you do the same thing...keep putting it off...until you realize what you are doing is silly and you toss/delete what you wrote... Keep doing this if you need to... I do this if I'm not 100% sure about contacting her or not...


On the other hand, if things get really desperate...you've got to go with more of a brute force approach. When you feel the urge to call/write/email her, catch yourself and immediately get away from the phone/computer/etc. Go do something, anything, to take your mind off contacting her, whether it be exercising (really good) or some other hobby where you can leave reality for a while. Nights are the worst for me...and I've had to turn the computer off in the middle of emails to her... Unplug stuff, take the battery out of your phone, whatever...

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Do what is logical. If she doesnt call you, why call her? She is not thinking of you so try to stop thinking about her. Do not break NC. I am in my 1month of NC and what helps me get through the day is thinking of all the bad attributes about my ex. Nobodys perfect so im sure there are things you can think of.

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