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speaking of valentine's day, what's the best way not to think of your ex...

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doing whatever it is they'll be doing with their new lover that night?


i see that a lot of us wake up thinking about our ex, so what is the best way for us not think of them when we wake up in the middle of the night that night? i honestly don't think there is anything i can do. just imagining her with someone else is heartwrenching - although deep down i guess i should hope that she's happy, right? that's not enough to stop me from cringing when i think about it.

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I cant tell you how much I feel you on this. My ex just met someone that shes head over heals about and I'm dredding valentines day. I'm one of those people that pictures everything that will be happening and I mean everything. Its going to be super hard for me, but what they do is out of my control and all I can do is get through the night.


Probobly not the most enthustic reply and I know going out and having a good time would be a better choice but I dont think I'll be able to.


I'm torn apart and have been crying my a#@ off, but I have to believe everyones advice that time heals all wounds. I search for anything to make me feel better but I think the only true cure is time. You have to deal with all the emotions before there goning to leave you. I'm still overwhelmed with doing so but I dont have a choice.

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totally know what you mean Bizw....


take a moment to be sad, miss your ex, whatever you need to do, but then let that moment go, and move on...keep yourself busy, as everyone else has posted - at least it's a work day (for me anyway) so i won't sit home and torture myself about this - i will turn my focus to work.


i know, so much easier said than done, but i hope i will be able to take my own advice! (it's only been 2 wks!)

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I'm going to buy a ridiculously expensive cigar..maybe 25 bucks and sit outside all night enjoying it thinking of Isabella Rosselini before she had plastic surgery. AAAhhhhh!


V-day is also my 25th wedding anniversary, and we aren't divorced yet.

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lol...oo valentines day. i love to joke about being obsessed with my ex and everytime someone brings it up i do the fake loud cry...but deep down it does still hurt to know that a year ago we were looking deep into eachothers eyes as he placed the chain with our initials around my neck. but embrace the beautiful memories and think wow my ex was great for those times and enjoy the fact that you are happier for being with them, and for being without them now. because you know deep down it was the right thing, all of us know it. eat the heart shaped chocolates like a regular circle shaped one! and pass the day hanging with friends and looking at all the hot members of the opposite sex. keep yourself busy and remember that you are who you are because of your past--that includes the good and bad and dont you love who you are?? no regretsss and hey we got some greattt gifts to show our kids and be like uh huh once upon a time i was a hottie!

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I never had a bf during valentines day, so I don't think i'll be hurting that much. But I feel that when I do something, ANYthing, I don't think of my ex. So maybe take a pottery class, or go out running or do your taxes. Until the 15th. Then we can all be back to normal, missing every single thing about them but realizing they've allllreadyy moved on and don't care one bit what the hell we're up to.

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Well this is extremely tough for me because of my recent posts and situation. I bought my girl a day at the spa to help her relax and got us dinner reservations at a beautiful manor. Probably the nicest around. I even bought a new suit for it. I still have hopes of taking her, but I am making valentines day the day I start to move on with my life is she shows no sign of getting back together. Deep down even if she wanted to, I don't deserve that and how could I trust her anyways? BUt I am dreding that day. Honestly, I feel like taking a female friend of mine just for being there for me through all of this and using the spa visit for myself. Only problem is that I would be thinking of my ex if I went there with even a friend. I would be thinking, god if only she was here with me to experience this.......oh well, so I should have a story for you then.

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Go to the gym. Work out until you feel the taste of blood in your mouth. (Gives you a good, powerful feel, plus you will be surrounded by determined-looking people that aren't kissing.) Afterwards: Out with single friends, or home with a couple of action movies (there will be plenty to choose from, as everybody else has raided the romantic comedy section). Don't drink too much for fear of breaking down and calling the ex some time during the night.

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I actually plan to be out with a beautiful women, who is NOT my ex, regardless of the current situation.


tomorrow will be 2 years that would have been with my ex, who has so suddenly removed herself again from my life, and again is trying to contact me from time to time.


I plan to be out at dinner after a hard days work with her father, with this women, who I will shower with gifts, go home to her apartment and relax and spend time together..


No need to be sorrowful for not having the one you might really love with you on Valentines, nor should you be upset for no having a valentines at all.


Be happy in the fact that your alive, and happy, and honest that you know you really wouldn't have had a truly GREAT valentines day with someone who didnt really love you back in the same way.

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I know what I'll be doing. I am a true romantic myself and can't resist the urge to make someone happy on such a day. So while my ex is with some douchbag college kid who can't tell his as* from a whole in the ground I'm taking my best friend out. She too just went through a big breakup and we both really helped eachother. I am going to take her out to a romantic dinner in the city where ill probably give her a corny $10 teddy bear or a pack of ciggerettes, whatever, and then will bar hop our way home (oh did i mention alchohl - seems to help ) (JK don't drink if your really upset - bad mojo)


While still mainting a purely platonic relationship by the way - i don't believe it's a good idea to get intimately involved with someone if your fresh out of a long relationship becuase that will be another trainwreck unto itself (unless of course its her sister/bff/bf/friend/rival/confidant/mom, than its fun ... and by fun i mean REVENGE!!!

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Valentine's Day, I am going up in the evening by my best friend and I am going to hang out with him and his bf, order pizza and watch the Olympics and watch the both of them fall asleep on the couch out of boredom and tiredness (my best friend drives about three hours round trip each day to go to work and back) and then drive back down to San Diego. Yep, lots of fun .


Truthfully, that is all I am going to do for Valentines Day. Last year when I was still with the ex, Valentine's Day weekend was the first time I came to the realization that I was starting to lose my feelings for the ex. I had taken him up to a trendy resort area in Northern Wisconsin for the weekend and at dinner, I realize that he really stuck out like a sore thumb and he did not fit into anything I liked to do. That was the beginning of the end when I began to pull away from him and self-destruct the relationship.

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Going to work a long day and then go to the gym for the night to do a hard workout with all the other no love losers and have a nice sauna or steam to cap it off... Head home and relax, alone..


My ex will be with her next new b/f I am sure...

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