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Being Happy (Some Inspiration?)

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I've never really thought much on it before, but now I think I'm realizing something. I think the key to being happy in life is to actually learn to accept things you can't change. Ever think that we are never really at peace with these things we can't change? I mean literally. We always keep fighting them, thinking we can change these things. It's pretty pointless to do that (but it isn't pointless if you can actually change what is troubling you!). For example - some people are being way too hard on how they look, or in what shape they are. Some people keep worrying about social situations and the amount of attention (as in being isolated or not) or rank they have. Some of these can be changed, but understand that something else that troubles us is something we know we can change but actually don't take any action (that has to do with confidence, and not being lazy!). I've learned to actually go for what makes me happy most of the time, and take responsibility to what I can actually change and change it for the better.

That's one of the reasons why I love the Nike logo so much - "Just do it." And it's true. We are so afraid of doing something new and different than our regular routine. Take a few risks. Risks increase self-confidence no matter what the outcome. There’s a quote out there that says “If you don’t risk anything you risk even more.” Do something that scares you. It’s amazing how even one simple thing out of the ordinary you do can increase self-confidence – and from then on, well, it just starts building up!

There are also the people who say that they are losers or low-lives. Here’s a fact for ya. It’s all in the mind. I don’t care how “different” you are from other people or how “out of order” you feel. Walk with your head up (but yet, don’t be arrogant). You’ll definitely get more attention and respect from other people no matter what you think of yourself. Walk with confidence and speak with confidence. If you want to meet new people, meet new people. Do more things. Go work out, etc.

Here’s something else that goes with the “accept what you can’t change” philosophy. Life is not a competition between different people. You don’t have to feel sorry for yourself just because your friend is doing better at life in general. The thing that pisses me off (even with me, I admit it), is that we sometimes wish we were someone else. Remember that other people may also want to be you even if you don’t know it, and at that point you should also remember that no one is perfect and everyone is unique. Here is proof. A few years ago, I wasn’t doing so well. I always wished I was someone else (I had little self-esteem and self-confidence). I literally thought this: “If I was them, I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to worry about.” I always wished I was the guy who got noticed more, the guy with more girl friends (yeah, just friends, that’s what I mean), better grades, more outgoing life, etc. Well, years later, I did become the guy I once wished I was. And you know what? It changed nothing in terms of the levels of problems I have. I finished last semester with a really high GPA, I am more outgoing and I’m making more friends – I’ve changed. But problems and worries still do exist; the only thing changed is confidence. That’s what you need to live a better life. I’m trying to say that even if you change to the person you once wished you were, your problems are never going to go away, but what will happen is you gaining the confidence to fix and improve – and that is the most essential part. Even if you change for the better, your problems also change – but by then you should learn how to deal with them, and problems will no longer be this impassable barrier, and you’ll actually feel good about working at them.


Remember that whatever is troubling you that you can change – take action and change it. Once you do, you’ll have a ton more confidence (and that’s how confidence is gained, by taking action and improving on your life). Don’t spin your wheels in place.

Of course, one of the hardest things is to actually accept something you are never really at peace with. At that point you have to take the step and look at the bigger picture of what life actually is about.


I'm not trying to come on here and say "look at me," because I've had plenty of bad days this year. I have noticed, though, that you should never let your bad mood control who you really are. Know who you are and respect that even during difficult times. It might sound crazy, but when you're feeling really great, make notes for yourself and remind yourself of these when you're feeling bad. Again, it might sound crazy, but it works, because you're taking your own advice - advice you know YOU CAN TRUST.

There's also a quote I read, "If you're going through hell, keep going." That's by Winston Churchill. I guess the key when you're down is to remember of the good times and why you felt like that, and what you can do to change.


If anyone has anything to add, add it on...

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Thanks BlueWolf.

That also speaks a lot to me with what's going on in my life right now...and it's something I'm actually trying to do; think positive, reaffirmations, etc.


Reading that actually made me feel a little better because I was starting to fall back into that slump. Sometimes it's hard to stay on top but you're right- just do it.

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Thank you BW,


That post was terrific. You spoke a great deal of truth, and i am impressed with you level of thinking at the age of 17. Hell i wasn't thinking along these lines at that age, and it wasnt until the last few years of my life have i learned this as well.


I read the book "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" i forget the author, and she talked to successfull people in different walks of life and different levels of success, and they told the author as she interviewed them that yes they were afraid of trying something new, but that wasnt going to stop them from achieving what they wanted.


Thanks again


be well,


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Thanks for the comments (and reading the long post).

Even if I talk all positive and stuff like that, I'm a changed person when I'm in a bad mood. Everything seems so different. If that's true for others, I guess the only thing we really have to realize when we're feeling bad is that feeling down is really not our true selves, and we have to take action and be ourselves again.

Reflect back on who you really are should also be helpful; that brings back the little positive spark we need to turn things around, in me at least…

Oh - and look at the big picture of life. Don't focus so much on the bad.

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