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I have to say I agree, I don't like most women in general. My female friends would be considered more guy-ish than feminine, we're all engineers. We've also talked about this and agreed that men are just easier to get along with. I really do think most women in my age group are behaving badly. It does seem like its a competition to be the best sl*t. I really don't want to compete in that, nor do the women I like.

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Most women engage in this kind of behavior. Maybe I am hallucinating but trust me I am not trying to make other women look bad or sterotype others or add a stigma attached to anyone in particular. It's like the fight club except it is with girls.


I do not know if this is a sociological thing or what. I did not have a bad experience it's just that this is what I have seen.

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It depends on the environment you're in. :S


I hear stories of vicious girls, have even my own experiences with stories about me from vicious girls I didn't even know.


A lot of girls are competitive and all that, but I think it's all a matter of self esteem...and the fact that some people are just cruel or choose to hide behind that facade in their insecurity.

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Men compete with each other through sports and their egos and sometimes physically fighting each other.


Girls do it with their looks, guys and making each other feel bad. Men compete physically, women fight psychologically. My best friend did it to me for almost 6 years and I didn't even realize it. There are lots of girls who don't do it. But there are some nasty girls (and guys) out there.

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Rather stereotypical.

I can't say that I have ever heard a woman do that to other women...


I can say from 25 years of first-hand experience, that this isn't a stereotype. Usually there are exceptions to stereotypes, or some stereotypes are unjust, but this one is really fitting for many, MANY women.


I gave up on trying to make new friends with women years ago. All of my close girlfriends are my childhood/ highschool friends who I care about and have cared about for a long time. Otherwise, it's TOUGH to meet new girlfriends. Most women I've met just don't want to admit one more to their circle. Maybe they just don't like me. Ah well. What can you do?


It's only been in the past few years that I've really stopped caring what other women think of me. My boyfriend will often tell me that he's witnessed other girls staring me down, talking behind my back, etc. If I cared about what every catty chick thought of me, I'd never leave the house. Let those biznatches fight amongst themselves and the rest of us can live in the real world where people don't carry fake Louis Vuitton bags. If you can't afford the real thing, stick with what you can afford. (I apologize if there are girls here who like those, but I find them ridiculous!)

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Women are wonderful by nature, I think. But I think today lots of women feel like they HAVE to be competitive. Low self esteem, insecurities and feeling inadequate makes many women sink to low levels of making other girls feel bad, talking behind her back and competing to get guys. It builds them up.


I know plenty of girls who aren't like this. But I know some who are, too. Most the girls who are like that have low self esteem issues. So, DN, you must have raised emotionally healthy daughters

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Just to add on this subject....


I am a hair stylist. I meet women everyday....of all ages. I think this is something women , usually UNDER the age of 30 go through. I notice the way other women can be catty...but it's my job to make them feel comfortable, and of course perform a service for them. Usually I am able to form a "bond' with these women after they have come in a few times, because by then they no longer feel threatened by me. I WILL say though that outside of work...I really have NO close female friends. WOmen really do have a tendency to be "cliquish" and to snub each other. It's pretty sad really....


I would love to have about 3 or 4 close female friends...like on 'Sex and the City" Friends who are REALLY friends. Open, honest and there for each other. Oh wait.....that's on television...what was I thinking??


I think women DO compete with each other...if NOT outwardly it still comes accross. An example: I had a client who used to come in ONCE a week. He had to keep his hair cut really really short for work. Every weekend, his wife made it a point to come in with him.....she was extremely cool..and I had NO problems with her...BUT..I KNEW why she was there. She was keeping an eye on me..because I was someone who regularly saw her husband. I am no fool, I knew this....I am quite certain if I were a 70 year old male or heck..female, she would have never shown her face. Just a vibe I got from her.


So basically I agree with you, for the most part...but my suggestion to other women is to lighten up. Not every women wants to "compete" with you, or take your man. Some of us are actually VERY nice...

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Absolutely they are. But they are not that atypical either. Some women can be nasty I am sure but most are not. Not all the time anyway.


Oh I know, was just joking around with ya. I just think that it's one of the cutest, most beautiful things when a father has his 'little girls' up on a pedestal and really believes in them. I wish all parents were like this!


And Lady Bugg, I wish that I had just a couple of really close girlfriends where I live to talk to and trust. Back home I do, but not where I live now, and it can be a really lonely feeling. Often, my boyfriend will invite me out with his friends (who I do get along with ... well ... 80% of them, lol), but it's just not the same. There is an unspoken connection that women have when they really let themselves. It's really nice to be able to depend on even one female friend for someone to lean on, and to have lean on you.

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I agree Ocean. I've had MAYBE 2 CLOSE female friends in my life. I am very private in my personal life...and I have the tendency to be demanding as a friend. I give a lot as a friend, so when I expect that same level of "give and take" I am often disappointed. Truthfully...my brother is who I consider my "best friend". We talk often and basically share everything...so I am grateful I have at least ONE best friend in my life.

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Well, I wouldn't call it a pedestal exactly. I have a good idea of their strong and their weak points. But they are certainly both fairly grounded. As for being strong-minded they certainly are. While both are doing university courses to become teachers they are at the same time employed as correctional services officers at a jail for men, not a job for helpless shrinking violets seeing as their duties are exactly the same as the male guards.

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Alot of girls, even the sweetest ones, are completley different around the girls they can't stand. Guys, unless you have seen an angry girl then you have no clue what her true colours are. It's scary the first time you see it. Some guys, after they have witnessed this horrible event, look at the girl in the next 30 minutes who is laughing and smiling with her friends and wonder what the hell just happened. You can never fully understand.........

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What you said in your post is so true.


When I dated my ex-boyfriend, women were truly vicious and downright vindictive towards me when they saw me with him.

I thought it was cruel and menacing to the point of wanting to kick their ***but instead to my one of my friends qoutes " you should feel good because they are jealous of you."


It was not the typical "Who does she thinks she is or" "I am jealous of her" or "he is too good for you" It's more than that.

However, I don't think it's just "under 30" that experiences this behaviour. It is found in women at that age and above that act like little girls fighting over candy and who gets a turn on the swing.

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Story time.

Theresa was a waitress. She was a hot looking lady of over 60 at an Italian place where a 40 year-old guy would come in and flirt with her. She really loved the attention until one day the guy came in with a date. She unscrewed the lid from the coffee pot "accidentally" dumped it all in the date's lap. Theresa then married the guy. I lived next to them and she was one tough gal. We lived accross from a crackhouse that didn't take in their cans on trash day. She got mad and threw the metal cans into the open front door and cursed the crackheads loudly. She was almost 80.

She scared me up until she died at 92.

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