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Why did your relationship end?

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Because she could never understand that the feeling of "butterflies in the stomach" and sexual chemistry only really lasts for 2 years at most. (Scientifically proven too!)


We were together for 6 years....and I went through a bad year in 2004 and took her for granted....we got into a routine, and our sex life slowly declined. Living with her parents, where we had to sleep in separate rooms, didn't make things easier either, especially after living 2 years with my parents where we slept together.

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Hi Jigsaw,

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents I actually didn't find out why my ex left our 2 yr relationship until about a month after she left. I met her after she went through a terrible divorce of a 8 yr marriage....we met 6-8 months after her divorce....she dated a little but nothing serious until I came long...then we hit it off right off the bat....love at first site my friend...so her excuse for leaving me was that she felt that she didn't hav enough "alone time" after her divorce....needed space to sort herself out ect....Of course this didn't sit well with me.....I still love her and want her back, but I'm moving on...I think she still loves me deep down, but doens't know what she wants....Our relationship wasn't perfect, we had our disagreements just like anyone else, but things we great overall, in everyway....I guess it boils down to bad timing for me....hopefully she'll figure out that she made a mistake leaving me and want to have another go.....I'm not holding my breath, after holding on for several months....cool thread....take care.



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The last relationship that mattered to me before this one that I'm in now ended basically because...


Age/hassle we got over that (Me 16/17, him 14)


Religion (him practicing, very active Christian, me, spiritual tourist/La Vey Satanist at the time)


Parents (his, very controlling)


Mental health (mine was rubbish and it was a liot for him to handle, he loved me a lot and it hurt him when i was down, which was a lot)


But it was 2.5 of the happiest months of my life, and I still love him.

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I guess mine ended because he decided he didn't want to be anything more than friends.

Pity he used me for 2 out of the 3 years he was here studying and then made his "decision" a few weeks after he went home back to his family and no longer "needed" me.

The fact he broke it off in an e-mail a few days before I was due to fly out to see him is a true measure of the man.

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Why my relationships ended....


Relationship #1- LDR- wanted different things, on total different paths plus I found myself falling out of love with him. I was only 20.


Relationship #2- on and off for 3 years. Biggest mistake of my life. I wasted so much time with this loser. He kept breaking up with me and then coming back. Silly me kept taking him back. Plus, he had problems with alcohol, drugs and telling the truth.


Relationship #3- he was not emotionally available. He would not give up on his college sweetheart. Lied to me about when he talked to her and when she called. My gut told me to snoop and I did, phone records indicated he was IN CONSTANT contact with her. So I left him, hanging high and dry.


Relationship #4- Longest relationship I ever had. He was never there for me, work-a-holic. He didn't love ME, he loved the idea of having a girlfriend and having someone to come home to and to have take care of him. Total co-dependent relationship.


So, very good reasons to end all these relationships. I am glad to be on my own for time being. I feel like I can breath and re-discover myself.

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My last seriously meaningful relationship ended (after 7 years) because i was an absolute coward and could not commit for the long term, so i did the dumb thing and ran away......................I will regret that for the rest of my life.............................3 years later a decent "smart" man asked her to marry him and she did.............hrm

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#1: He wanted to take a trip around the world and wanted no commitments at home (18 months)

#2: He said he never would propose until he was convinced I wanted children, which he never was, but also he never wanted to move back to the U.S. I broke it off (9 years)

#3: Said he stopped having feelings for me (2 years)

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After nearly 6 years...


  1. She doesn't love herself enough to love anyone else right now (especially me).
  2. We both need time apart to work on ourselves/do things we enjoy, so that we can stop being so dependent on each other for happiness.
  3. LDR creating too much stress (although I plan to move back to the same city as her at the beginning of the year).
  4. We grew apart (emotionally) during the past 8 months.



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I'm still working it all out, hindsight is 20/20.




1. I was immature in the way I handled some of our arguments.

2. I broke up with her twice before she dumped me.




1. She was too sensitive and convinced herself I was mean to her.

2. She was stubborn and unable to compromise without feeling "manipulated".

3. She had previous boyfriends who were mean and manipulative so i think that baggage played a role.

4. She moved to another state.

5. She doesn't understand the "honeymoon stage" and thinks those feelings should last forever.


Feels good to list her bad qualities. I put her on a pedestal for too long.

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