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Ok, well my Bf kinda broke up with me today over nothing. Well we are on a "break". The reason is becasue we got in an argument at school and my friends were making it seem lie I was the cause. Well from my last post I told you that my Bf is mean at times. Well he changed for a bit and then went back to being mean and tolday he was being really mean to me. Anyways my friends told me to shut up, and I got mad becasue none of them would stick up for me. kinda freaked out,but all I did was yell. When I got back to lunch after being consoled, my Bf didnt sit next to me. Then he told me that we are on a break. He told me the real reason, Because I freaked out for no reason. He told me we will get back together in a month, he tried to change it to later, but I told him that "Well you promised this and now your changing it." Now my friends dont like me and my Ex bf is acting shady. I feel so depressed. what should I do?

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The solution is the following. ' only put light and love into the relationship'


People let elephants cross thru their houses and crush and ant that will pass by. You'll see it yourself the WORST fights and arguments are caused by petty little bitsi bit tiny thing little more then nothing. But as you have seen they can lead to a break up and totally destroy your future.


Both of you are to blame because you two have been doing nothing but putting hatred and darkness into eachothers lives. Silly but realise that you two are with eachother because you want to make eachother happy. Or did you go into the relationship thinking 'i want to sit next to this guy because he makes me miserable in a way another boy can?' If not then STOP it, ask yourself 'is it worth putting my relationship on the line for petty little things? If its not then 'LET IT GO' its not worth it, if it is then break up.

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hey. lissen...let me fill you in on some PERSONAL philosophy on relationsihps lol. first of all, i dont believe in a break. becaues frankly, it makes NO SENSE. you break up. thats it. because when on a break does that mean that you are not suppose to date other ppl, does it mean that theres a time limit to "finding yourself" or doing what you want? and when petty fights are the reason for a breakup, the one who has pushed the argument is often the person who is looking for an excuse to end the relationship for whatever reason. im sorry but it seems this guy isnt all peaches and cream. he hasnt been that great in the past, hes not really nice right now and he clearly isn't ready to get back with you. i think you should focus on moving on and show him that you're not desperate for some loser. if he really likes you he'll realize with time what he lost and come back to you with a good apology. otherwise, at least you havnt wasted time thinking you're going to get back together, instead in a month from now you will be content with yourself being single and looking towards the future.

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Ok well heres an update. I guess we are still dating but we are friends, but we hang out only a few days a week for a month. But in school he acts like we are just friends and is kinda touchy(doesnt talk much, I ask him a questin he answers"I dont know". We hung out last night and everything was fine. Now today he hasnt even smiled at me or friendly. He told me today that we are likes friends but only dating, I am guessing he means like not really serious like we had been . He wants it like that for a month(break.) Should I fall for it or leave him.

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