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How do you know?

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Id just like to ask the forum how you know whether or not your partner is the one or not. Ok the attraction is there for sure but when it comes to

conversation sometimes it can be an effort mostly on my part. 5 months into the relationship and i still get nervous everytime we communicate, its like my mind cant come up with things to say.


I know the word relationship involves 2 people who both have a role in conversation. Am i over concerned about this or could it be that its going undetected by the other party. Maybe for her she sees it as a comfortable silence as she too is quiet shy.



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I personally think that its a better idea to ask if your partner is a kindred spirit, rather than wonder if he or she is "the one."


Not to kill romance, but at the age of 36, I've come to the conclusion that there is always more than one person out there in the world who could be a suitable partner for us; it's just that finding them is hard. thereforeeee, look for "kindred spirits" rather than "THE ONE!!"


As for communication issues five months into the relationship...I think that can be normal, especially if you're both inclined to be a bit reserved. Sometimes, conversation comes easier if you're doing actual activities together. For example, if you're playing a board game you can talk about the strategy you're taking, joke with the other person when you get ahead of them in the game, etc. Or, if you're bowling or golfing, that can spark a comfortable banter.


If you're alone together in a room and the silence is deafening, a bottle of wine always loosens things up! The point is to get in the habit of comfortable situations where talking is easier, and then you get used to talking to each other.

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