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im really hurt but still in love

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so this is my situation...

8 months ago my bf and i started dating..well and everything was so perfect...i knew him before..we kinda were friends before we became a couple...im 18 and he's 21. he finished school and moved to another city( close to mine) to go to an university there...we used to see each other every weekend...he's the first guy i really could say that i love him and he felt the same way...he had some troubles with his life..or still have..like he has no money..he cant find a job..his family lives in another country..so he is alone..and its really diffivult at the university..i tried to help him...of course we fought sometimes...but still it was the best feeling on earth to be with him...he was my friend,my bf and my family...he was the only really important thing in my life...cuz i dont get along with my parents and i hate the place i live in...and now he broke up....he said that something doesnt feel rigth and it has nothing to do with me...he still loves me,but first he has to figure out what he wants to do...he wants to get money..visit his family..see his friends again...and he needs time to be alone...he said that maybe someday we'll be together again...but who knows...

im so hurt...i love him so much...i did everything for him..i really want him back...how can i show him that he made a mistake...he can be alone..we dont have to be together all of the time....i can give him his space...i just want to be with him...cuz i need him

how can i get him back???

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Being in a relationship is mutual so you can't get him back...he has to come back. Yeah I know this stinks. What you can do is talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Let him know that he needs to communicate with you about what it is that bothers him and let him know you're there for him. If after talking he says he just needs time away and space, give it to him. The more you don't give it to him the more he's going to crave it and eventually you will lose him for good. Trust me on this I know.


The main thing you can do is talk to him and be there for him. Let him know that you understand and that you want to help. Remind him that you love him.


I hope everything works out!

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