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POLL: "What is your favorite....."


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I just saw a very good and romantic movie lastnight, that I thought would make a great 'stay at home date movie.


It is called "The Count of Monte Cristo". It wasn't just a chick-flick either.


I'm curious as to what some of your favorite "Romantic" movies are. List three if you can. Guy's, I'm curious of your opinions too.


Here's mine... 1.City of Angels 2.Ghost 3.Titanic

Thanks in advance for responding.



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Hello Ginger.


Welcome to eNotalone!


I feel very Honored to be the first one to answer your Poll.


"Question: "What are my three Favorite Romantic Movies"


Answer: (not necessarily in this order)


Beauty and The Beast (Walt Disney)


Six Days and Seven Nights


Dirty Dancing (Tied w/) Ghost

...can I do that?


I have not yet seen The Count of Monte Crisco. I'll have to have a look at that one.


Take Care/ God speed 8)



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We recently watched "Kissing Jessica Stein", its Bi-friendly but def not a porno; "Amalie", a french movie about a girl who wants to help others ends up finding true love, "Sorority Boys" similar to revenge of the nerds, boys get kicked out of their Frat and gain revenge by dressing as girls...All three have a sexual tinge and should not be watched with children present. Speaking of children present, We went to see Red Dragon and there was a 5 or 6 year old child sitting next to us. Parents check your child at the entrance please!

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