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Don't stay friendship with him.

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Because of difference situations between my ex-boyfriend and I that we had to ended our 1.5 years relationship. we really did not want to said bye,because we don't have any unhappy thing happened between us from we met each other in life . I think we are a couple perfect lovers except the great distance and his speacial work keeping he stay away from me.


Two days ago he tell me that he loving me very much that until he can't walk on this earth. But he is afraid we won't have a future together and it going to never happen. So he wants me pick another peth in life that choice another man who can give me all I deserve.


But he hope we can be stay friend and he said we won't be said bye at least he won't said bye to me. He said being friend just another chapter for us in life and that is the way we ever be.


In the past two days that I feel so sad and I silently crying many time that when I on bed, when I in my office, when I walking alone, when I watching at the window etc.


It's very hard to me to stay friendship with him because I only want to live in his heart as a Lover and not just as a friend. So I rather I am is ex-girl friend in his heart. So that I can live in his life and I leave the rest of his life time to thinking of our great time together if sometimes he will thinking of me.


I just realized that we had been going to the end of our relationship and I clearly know what situation I am in this relationship. In his last email he told me if someone does enter his life that he will still write me everyday because I will be his good friend and if that someone can't understand that he will let them go. Well, another reason I don't want to be his friend because I don't want to be such kind of "bother" friend maybe will "bother" his future life with his future lover.


It is very sad to thinking about that but I know I make the right determine that don't stay friendship with him. I love him so much as well and maybe I love him more than he love me. Because love him so much, so decided no contact with him anymore, for him good and for me good also.


Except that sad end of our relationship, I hope when someday he thinkiing about us that he will smiling, because we once had such great time together and we never ever had any unhappy thing between us, we only happy together once, no quarreler ,no angry, no any disharmony moment etc.


He is my true love, my soulmate, I don't feel regret at all about our relationship and my life is meaning and color because he entered in my life.When someday I am look back my past with him that I can tell I once is such happiness woman in this world and in love with him is such wonderful.


Today is my birthday but he is not here singing birthday song for me and no anymore. I just miss him very,very much so I post my words here.


Thanks for reading.

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Thats Bull **** girl. No man on earth will tell you pick someone else for your goodness. I bet you my life that he must have found another high classified woman that he is interested in. He wants you to move on so he can share classified information with that other woman. I am talking from a guy's perspective.

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