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I've been married for 11 years to a wonderful man who I am not in love with because I'm a lesbian. My first experience with a woman was with my best friend. Things didn't workout, I was marriede and coudl not do this to my husband, she thought our love was a sin; so in short we ended up no talking any more.


It's been 3 months since things ended and there isn't a day I don't think about her. Yesterday, someone we both know called me and told me she had asked about me.


I guess she misses me too...


I want to send her a card for valentine's, she is the love of my life, I know we can't be together, but I wish we could at least talk every now and then.


When we ended our relation we both changed our phone numbers and I moved to another city... We both were angry at each other.


So what do I do now... Do I just let go this day even she is present in every minute of my life, or do I mail her a card with my number?

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Just let bygone's be bygone's, you said yourself you were never going to leave your husband, so stop giving her hope and let her move on.


If you were going to leave your husband for her I would say send the card for sure. If you keep trying to contact her or try to let her know how you feel about her... LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND.

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If she truly is the love of your life then you would leave your husband and commit to her.

I agree with the rest of the thread. If you have no intention of leaving then stop leading her on. That is so cruel. I don't mean to sound mean about this, but please allow her to find someone that is going to love her with no strings attached.

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