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things are a little better.

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Hi I made a post a while ago about joining the air force becouse I hate were I live ect ect.


Anyway Things are still a bit down here but to the topic, see I met this really cute girl we hung out had ..s.. "fun" and spent the night it was really fun lose and relaxed we were laughing and haveing fun alot then I droped her off the next day at our meeting place.


The thing is she is haveing famly problems and stuff so she was kicked out and via e-mail I just found this out,she has ben away from her hous for four days now I take it, it's only ben two days sense I heard from her withought response and I only sent her one e-mail and a cell mesage with my days and desplaying intrest so it's not like im going overkill.


But anyway she purposely left some of her thing at my house and I feal like

it has some meaning but I dont know...maybe all she wanted was sex.


But she said she would like to stay with me.


Needless to say I don't have many friends my ariea sucks,hate my job liveing with dieing people.


This was just the thing to lift me up now naturly I am pesamistic so I'm not going to get hurt ether way.


But I dont know I really really like her and can't stop thinking about her I stoped talking and flirting with other girls becouse she means somthing to me.


I'm just not sure if I'm a fling for her or what.


Man its like I cant freking win.


anyway this is just venting for me maybe one of you kind people can talk to me,evaluate the situation and give me some input.


I'm just not sure if shes truly intrested.


But she lefft her stuf at my place and gave me a huge kiss goodbye...


I'm at a loss.


lol I really need some friends.


"Sigh" well it's a start right if things get going well with her I can move out of this hell hole.. and I wont be alone doing it.

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Consider the fact that you have only known her for a little bit. You know they say "fools rush in". As much as this is an upper for you, you still need to be guarded. Yes, she may have a thing for you and a relationship may blossom. On the other hand, she may be using you for a place to get away from her problems. I suggest going with the flow, enjoy the "fun", but keep yourself aware.

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