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this girl i like- still


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ok- sorry to bore you with the same old stuff but here goes


i like this girl, after asking her out and her turning me down etc we start talking again and eventually it turns out that apparentley she does like me (friends of hers said, i mentioned it and she admitted it).


ok- so i got past that and now we talk alot on msn etc and she also texts me alot now- and we have alot in common and i do really like her, shes just one of the most beautiful people i have ever met, in every meaning of the word, not that she would ever believe it- but thats the thing, she seems to be gennerally really deppressed all the time- she says shes only happy when shes talking to me etc, and really i find that worrying- there dosen't seem to be anything i can do about it-


oh and as you may have noticed missing, she seems to dislike the idea of going out- and i dont mean just going out with me- i mean that even with friends etc she is always busy somehow and ive only seen her once out of school (not even much in school- we go to different ones) about once since i told her all this- and the worst part- only 3 times ever.


i invited her to meet up with my friends, and some of her friends that were going and to see a film- and she said she would come but then apparentley forgot.


i don't know im just so confused- she likes me no doubt about that and i like her but i hardly ever see her??? thats just not like me at all, and to be honest i would want to see a good friend often, but as for someone who likes me in that way- its just all very odd, i don't understand at all- and i don't even know why i posted this again ive posted simmilar things in the past and to be honest i can't see how or why anyone would reply to this- but it gets it off my chest i guess

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