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what the hey??

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Tell him that you don't want to hear about it, unless he wants to hear about the men you have been with. I guarantee he does not want to hear about specifics with other men. I am guessing this is a new relationship and he is just being stupid. Put him in check and tell him that both of your pasts are in the past.

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I agree that for whatever reason, he shouldnt be telling you of his past experiences with other girls. IF he is trying to make you jealous its not a nice thing to do in that way. If he is wanting to have new experiences with you, the I agree that he should just talk to you about what he likes and wants, but not bring up past women. The past should remain the past. Bringing up former partners and sexual activitites with them can only cause trouble in your relationship.

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I think he is looking for you to spice up the sex life a little. I know it's not fun to hear how some GF from the past used to knock his socks off but he is basically telling you that "you" are not doing something right. Talk to him about what he wants and likes without bringing up his ex's. Tell him you are all for improving the sex but you are not going to role play and be one of his ex's. It's a two way street and you don't think its fair to ask him to grow another 3 inches to match your ex!



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