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Valentines..need a girls help...

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some girls love flowers, bears or poems or all three. You could make her dinner or take her to a nice place.


Well the bad thing is that I am on a limited budget of 11 dollars lol. I write poetry and I have already written her a poem. I know that she absolutely loves Smoothie Skittles lol. I mean I know that sounds cheap and all, but that isn't the point. To me it isn't about the size/price of anything. Has nothing to do with that at all, that is to materialistic. But more on how sweet it is and all I guess. I wrote her a poem so far, and I am going to get her some of those skittles lol. Small, but sweet. Any other suggestions?

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How about the skittles, make her the music CD, and buy her a single red rose? And get her a card and inside, write a special memory you have together.


Hey that is good, ok Ill get her the skittles and make her a CD with OUR favorite music on it. Hmm Ill ask her if she likes roses, Maybe I can find out her favorite flower. What if I make her a card? Would that be sweeter because it seems I worked more on it you know, I want it to be mine and by me and not by someone else. I could put the poem in the card I make. That sounds cool. About the CD. Should they be like sweet sweet love songs that we like, or like just our regular favs..? Im nervous what if she doesn't like the songs on it lol. BTW thanks for all the help so far, you all are great.

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yeah, you can make her the card, maybe spell out her name in skittles LOL. Put in whatever music you think would touch her. I bet she would really like these gifts!


Hehe ok thank you much. I really appreciate it, Im so excited. I really hope she likes these gifts, she means a lot to me.

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