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Hardest to the easiest job


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Was talking to my mother about me wanting to be a biologist and she went crazy! "its too easy and you're so smart", "you get no money out of that", "there is nothing to do around here on biology".


So it got me thinking, does anyone know any site or something which gives you a list from the hardest job to the easiest? it would be interesting to see actually.


And another thing, is there any biologist around that can give me some advises about choices and stuff?

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Hardest to easiest is relative. To some people, nuclear engineering is a piece of cake. To others (like me) it would be the hardest thing I've ever attempted.


You need to find a job that is suited to your likes and dislikes as well as your abilities. Every job has different requirements so you need to take a look at your skills to make sure you are both qualified and sufficiently challenged in whatever career you go into.


I second DN's suggestion. Send a note to annie24. She is going into the biology field and will have a much better understanding of it than most of the rest of us.

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Besides where did your mum get the idea being a biologist was easy. I mean it has been statistical proven in England that Biology is the hardest of all subjects to pass.


I’m sorry but does your mum think that a biologist looks at plants and basic evolution stuff?.


Also it depends on what areas of any subject and how well you do them as to there pay and difficulty. You could make ALOT of money working for a pharmacist doing microbiology and developing new drugs. Also don't go for a job based upon the salary go for a job that you like. Many people get high paid office jobs and within those people there is a HUGE suicide rate and rate of high blood pressure. Does that not show you something, they went for a job that had more money but in the end were less happy. Is it really worth it?.


Ohh and as jobs go the hardest (mentally) would be a quantum physicist and erm least mentally demanding a working on an assembly line.


Or you could judge hard as being someone who has to deal with rape victims or clean up human waste. And the easiest someone who owns a website and sits there claiming money and doing no work. It all depends on how you measure it.

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Well, my parents thought I was nuts when I announced at the age 15 that I wanted to be a radio DJ.


I did it anyway because I knew it was the right thing for me. That last 20+ years in the biz have been a wild ride and I don't regret sticking to what I knew was the right choice for me.


If biology is where you interest is, follow it. You will spend most of your adult waking hours working....you'd be best served to make sure you're doing work you love.

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BeachDude, My mom lives in Madeira island, and I live in portugal, and she doesnt want to accept the fact that I want to study in sweden and live in sweden. It's kinda funny how she reacts with things.


shes2smart, Exacly what I think!


ravens, Parents can be so annoying sometimes, yet they are so cute I wanna see when I'm a parent and my child wants to be a ... stripper lol

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Hi - I already sent you a PM, but I've had a similar conversation with someone who just didn't get it. He said, "Hasn't everything already been discovered?" I said, "No - for starters, do we have a cure for AIDS? Do we have a cure for cancer? Leukemia? The common cold? No - there are a million things to do in biology."


There are so many different jobs that a degree in biology can prepare you for - research, med school, patent law, public policy, teaching in biology, pharmacy, drug design, drug sales, biotech, etc etc etc.


I think biology is one of the most practical and difficult things that you can go into. If it were easy, we would already have a cure for cancer.


good luck in your decision!!!

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Always follow your heart. Your mom is probably more concerned about you wanting to study in Sweden (which is a GREAT country for biologists), than about the difficulty of the study. Maybe you can start out studying in Portugal and move your studies to Sweden later. It's not just like that to study abroad. I have done so for a while, and it takes a lot of preparation.



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Agreed, follow your heart and do what you enjoy doing. The most important thing is that you are happy in whatever you decide to go into.


Best of luck, and I know you will be a great biologist one day. Or if you someday decide to do something different, I'm sure you will be great at that as well.

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ilse - I dont want to study in portugal, as the stuff is all in portuguese, and I'm in an IB int. school and I'm not even having Portuguese lessons i know enough lol


shysoul - well if you see in the news paper a woman with the initials CJ (Im not gonna state the real name) it is me

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