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1 month since BU 2 weeks NC I've hit a wall

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Just wondering if this is normal I was feeling pretty upbeat about things now I 'm slowing down I m committed to moving on but I'm finding it hard not to imagine what she is doing, I have so many unanswered questions Its the confusion and emptiness thats destroying me I miss her so much 3 1/2 years is such a long time.

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Yes it is normal. Emotions don't change in a constant steady way. They go up and down as time goes by. But what is important is that you are making progress overall even though sometimes you slip back for a while. It dies take some time but be as strong as you can - it will start to get better more than it gets worse.

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A 3 1/2 year relationship IS going to take some time to get over. I spent too long trying to get over a 10 year relationship, I'm a much better person now in a much better place but I'd love to have those wasted years back. Time is your friend, you need it to heal and do a little internal house cleaning. Healing is a process, don't take short cuts or you will end up back at square one. Best Wishes.



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I am pretty much where you are my friend. We went out for either 3.5 years and tried being friends for a year. I went NC a little over two months ago. I have been doing so much better. Lately I have been thinking about her and I don't know why. I was even dreaming about her last night. It just goes with the territory and we can't give in. I am NC until the day we may be friends in five years.

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