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leaving the nest

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Hi, what advice do you guys have for someone who is thinking about leaving home and he/she doesn't have alot of friends to roommate with in the city, nor does this person have alot of money? What if that person can't reconcile his/her differences with the parents simply because the parents really feel that the person doesn't contribute to the house, or the person feels that following their parents example (when mom or pop was 17 or 18 years old and left home to go to the city or war) is something that they cannot do? Or the parents and children get into so many arguments that the parents give the children an ultimatum..such as "you have until the 1st of next month, then you're g.o.n.e.!


How do you guys cope with leaving the nest when you least expect it? Any good solutions on quickly forming a safety net below you so that you DON'T END UP ON THE STREETS?

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Look in the paper or on the internet for people advertising for room-mates. Take the time to find a place and people that seem right for you and be prepared to move on if you have to.


Join clubs or societies that o things that interest you and also have a social aspect - that way you make friends and potentially girlfriends in a setting where there is much less pressure.

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ok - i left school to go to college so i relied on my student loans when i moved out at 17.


but if u don't have plans for education then i would suggest, first, find a good job. Then u need to find a roommate. You can find that through ads and stuff posted in the paper or there are a lot of adds for roommates at universities and colleges and stuff, if there are any in your area. Make sure you budget carefully and if i were u i would save up for at least 2 months rent in advance before you move out.

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Hey, welcome to the club. My dad told me one day "Guess what? Next month you're on your own. Good luck."


What I did:


1. Got a job at a deli, making sandwhiches and doing dishes for about $5/hr.

2. Moved in with someone who was renting a room in their apartment for ~$300/mo. (check link removed)

3. Rode my rollerblades to work every day.

4. Worked their for a year then got a job at Wells Fargo. Made like $10/hr.

5. Then I got a job at Good Guys (like Circuit City)

6. Got a job at CellularONE (like Verizon)

7. Got a job at a local college

8. Got jobs in San Francisco

9. etc.


Now I am living in a nice house near Washington DC and am getting ready to buy a house.


Word of advice? Buy a house as SOON as you can. Stupidest thing I ever did was pass when my landlords offered to sell me the house I was renting from them. Had I bought it, I would be living rent-free right now. Dumb, dumb, dumb move! Oh well!

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Funny Poco! Hindsight IS 20/20!




Are you being kicked out by your parents? As you know SF is a very expensive place to live. I would say either reconcile with your parents and try to contribute, if not financially by helping out around the house or simply by being aware of wastefulness, like utilities, food and other ways to help your parents cut down on costs. If this is not possible, do what DN suggests, look for someone who is looking for a room mate, get a job and welcome to life. There are great job counseling services that can help you with job placement and evening schooling or tech training to make yourself more employable. Attitude is everything and how you approach this will determine your success! Good Luck,



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