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College student seeking advice

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I'm a sophomore in College and more and more lately my life has been hectic and I no longer have any desire to study or learn. I've always been a hard worker and I've always put my education first, but I really feel like I need the time off. My Uncle offered me a job down in Florida, I've been contemplating whether I should go or not. I'd get a much needed time off and I'd be earning money as well, but is this really a good idea? I'm worried that it might completely make me want to drop out of college. Question is, how many of you out there actually took a break/waited a while before going to college/university and if so, do you regret your decision? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Hey Ovenchicken,


Welcome aboard!


I think it's better to stick through college, even if you need a short break. Is it at all possible to have a period off just for a fixed amount of time? I have had my ups and downs during uni due to depression but I made sure I always studied. But I love studying, and spending my days with my books. If you like to work, I think your best option is to look if it's possible to do an internship within the field of your studies. I'd say go to a counsellor at college, you're most likely not the only student who feels this way.



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Well, I'd like to offer a little different perspective for you relative to the other posters.


I was a big-time slacker in high school, wasn't sure what I wanted to do for a career and subsequently didn't have focus. I prided myself on never bringing a book home from school...


Then graduation came and of course my family wouldn't help me out with college because of my grades. I too felt tired of school, the whole process of classes, homework, tests, studying, etc. but really wanted to get out of the house and the area, so I joined the military. Best decision I ever made in my life...


The second best decision I ever made in my life was getting out and going back to school! Getting out on my own, I was able to see and experience first-hand the importance of education in our society. Education is the one thing no one can ever take away from you and our society places a high premium on having one.


So after being low-man on the totem pole, having my opinions not mean anything to anyone, and seeing where an education could take me...I went back to school. It was very hard, learning to learn again and adjust to the atmosphere and lifestyle of being a student but...the time away gave me new focus and refreshed my motivation. Now, I'm working on my fourth degree which happens to be a Ph.D. in engineering...and I love it...


So my point here is if I hadn't gotten away from school, I wouldn't be where I am today. I really feel happy and fulfilled doing what I am doing and love the feeling of constantly moving forward in life in that sense.


Now your situation might be a little different, since it sounds like you've pretty much got a secure job that pays well waiting for you. Taking this job might motivate you less to return to school...


I've taught classes and advised students in similar situations before. My advice to you is this: take a spring semester off school and go work for your uncle. If you really feel like you need time off, take it, but make that time away a set temporary time and not too long initially. This way, you have the spring and summer off to refresh and recharge and hopefully will return in the fall with a new outlook. Then when you come back, lighten your courseload and take classes that actually interest you vs. classes needed for your degree. Make sure you are making friends in your classes and developing study groups. I know there were tough times I faced and talking to friends in the same boat really helped. Also, colleges offer a number of activity/intramural sports groups (e.g., rugby team, swing dance club, etc.). Join one of those, enjoy your time in school!


If you take this time off, and realize school really isn't for you, it isn't the end of the world. It will be tough to return but I know people in their 40's with families who've done it and are doing it with success. And their level of maturity and experience helps them to excel. Plus, school is an option that will always be there for you and you can take as long as you need to finish. And there are only more and more distance programs available offered by top-teir schools...


I think you need to learn for yourself the importance of education and what it really means for you and I believe motivation is the key to success. You need some motivation right now it seems. Start by taking a semester off and getting away for a short while to think about it all and go from there...feel free to PM me if you'd like and we can talk more...


Good luck my friend...

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It is important to get a good education and a college degree will help you out tremendously. However, it isn't for everyone. It is easy for people to say stick it out and stay in school. However, they aren't in your position and don't know how you feel. Only you can make the decision that is right for you.


I went straight through college. However, I'm the only one in my family who did. My oldest brother never went to college. My sister took many years off before attending college. And my other brother took years off as well before going to a community college. For them, college was not the right thing for them to do at the time. And there was nothing wrong with that. Two of them ultimately decided to go back to school, the other has done good for himself even with a college degree.


It is a personal decision. Follow your heart. If you are not happy in school, then maybe a break is just what you need. You can always go back to school later on and finish what you started. Or life could take you down another road all together, and you still end up with a good life. I would go back to school at some point, but everyone is different and it may not be what is right for you. Basically, follow your heart and do what it is that will make you happy.

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But if you are miserable and dread going each day, is it worth it? Is no pain, no gain really true? Or would it be better to take time to clear your mind and figure out what is really what you want to be doing. If you keep going and you are unhappy, that could eventually start affecting your study habits, causing grades to slip. You won't be as motivated to learn. So in some ways, you won't be getting as much out of it as you should.


Both decisions have their advantages and disadvantages. It's really what is best for you.

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It seems me and you are in the exact same situation. You see, i too am a sophmore in college, at least i was until i recentally dropped out. I have many jobs i have been offered by family friends, including the most lucritive one in jacksonville, Florida. I too was not happy in college, my first year went by very fast and was, for the most part, easy. But ti all came down to that i wasn;t happy there, i would get 8-9 hours of sleep and would seem even more tired than ever. My suggestion would be to leave college for awhile, go and see what oppertunities you have, you can always go back to college. I believe that you can retain your credits for ten years before you lose them. Believe me, i was very scared when i made this choice, and though i thought my parents would be unhappy, they have come out to be very supportive. Good luck in whatever direction you choose

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