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I know girls dont need guys but some are worth a shot...

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There was this girl I was dating casually that I really fell for recently. The chemistry was there everyone was good but as things progressed, something im not use to happened. I wanted to really start seeing her romantically and hinted too things not just being what they were, which was good... I dunno just picture being single and meeting someone great and just only being able to reach a certian point in a relationship... and she avoids everything I say about it and tries to pretend things are the same and pretend we dont need to discuss it... what do I do? i dont want to let it go because we vibe so well, shes just been hurt by guys... but how do I ask her to have trust and give it a shot, I know she has feelings for me, and she just feels she can choose when to decide her feelings, but in the mean time i must say it hurts

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