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thinking of him...


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You have answered your own questions, teacup.


It seems to me that you feel that you have found the right person for you. If I can offer you any advice, I would suggest that you follow your heart. Now, you have indicated that this might frighten him off, but isn't it better to know where you stand right from the off? Are you willing to play his game at the expense of your own future emotions, or do you want to cut to the chase and find out if he has similar feelings for you?


If you play his game (the one you seem to suggest) you might just learn that he is playing your emotions only to hurt you further along the road. Play it your way and there's a risk of it all going wrong now. Isn't that better, though, than allowing yourself to fall too deeply in love in vain?


Go for it, it is like tossing a coin. Sometimes heads, sometimes tails. I know you mention your feelings towards men at other times, but dare you risk letting this one get away if he IS the right one for you?

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You have edited your post teacup. Makes my reply seem odd, now. Hope it answers your original question, though.


As for your edited version, I can only speak for myslef, but I would never 'play it cool' if I liked a girl. I am rather old fashioned in that respect, and I wear my heart on my sleeve anyway.


But, if I like a person, I see no need to hide it.

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sigh. i dont know if i should continue to let myself fall for him or if i should run away now.


this was never about finding longterm love though. he's not right for me in the longterm. doesnt have enough goals, ambitions, isnt well off enough financially, has credit card debt, drinks too much, dont have similar interests.


i just wanted a bf for this year when im working and in school. you know....some affection, some company and someone i adore to spend days with while im working hard. but i really like him. and im scared to get hurt.

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to the men out there.....when u like a girl, do you play it cool? do you show any signs of it? how do you play it cool?


and how can a girl tell you like her anyways, even when u do play it cool? do you hold off on phonecalls? do you not touch her?


Depends on the guy. Some guys are straight forward and will ask you out - though you gotta watch out because they may just be after one thing.


Guys like me, who are currently a bit girl shy, will play it cool and hold off on phone calls. Will touch though. Like to hug a lot if I can get it in.


Make a guy like you more by being more physical. Guys like hugs

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