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I feel like the sadness in my heart and soul is suffocating me, and I can't breathe in the life around me. I have lost so many things a grandmother whom I was very very close to. She was the only person I truly trusted in my whole life and who I knew loved me unconditionally. There were other things in my life that I lost too job, boyfriends, and now I have lost a relationship that meant alot to me. All because I couldn't keep my heart closed off. I miss talking to him, finding out how his day went, telling him my funny stories, bantering back and forth. Now he distances himself and it hurt my heart. My heart has caused me nothing but pain and misery. I hate that I have done this to myself and hate that I can't find the light.


How do you escape the dark and move into the light? I just feel like raising the white flag and surrendering. Even my quote is a big joke I have always held my hand out and it is just that holding it out with nothing to hold.

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You are never alone. Those of us who can will offer you words of encouragement and advice. Whatever you do, though, do not allow your despair cause you any physical harm.


I have no idea of your religious beliefs, and I am not particulalrly religious, but I think that there is an afterlife. If you think that there is such a possibility, consider that your grandmother's spirit is watching out for you, and she is feeling your hurt with you. She cannot hold you in the way in which you were accustomed, but she will be holding you in her arms in spirit. Take succour from that.


Please, take courage from one accross the seas who wishes you only the best.

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it is better to surround yourself with people and friends who return your affection and who make you feel good about yourself.


You can't control how others feel about you. Try to focus on yourself and working towards a life that is satisfying for YOU and not dependant on whether a guy likes you or not. You are important, and worthy of your own love.


Take care of yourself!

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Yes it's part of the process. The sad fact is that we cannot control how another person feels. That does not mean that there isn't someone out there for you, someone who will return your affections with as much fervor as you send them out.


As for this other guy...maybe what you really need is some distance from him.. I've always found it very unsatisfying to try and remain friends when I know I wanted more and wasn't going to get it.

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