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Anal Pleasure


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Hi all,


This post is mostly for women, but I would love to hear if men enjoy giving this sort of thing. I will try to be polite and PC about this subject. I would like to know how many women out their like anal sex. I would like to know, if you enjoy a finger inside your anus. I would also like to get your feelings on having a tongue lick your anus ( rimming). I personally love to lick a woman's anus as long as she has showered. It is a huge turn on. How many women out there have had this and enjoyed it or would let someone do it to them? How many have had anal sex or would let their partner do it? I know that sometimes while having sex doggie style I love to slip my thumb in my partners anus. Is this something most women would be open too? I know this is a very controversial issue, but I want to know what the majority likes and thinks. For the guys.....how many of you want to give anal or lick your partners anus? I tried to be clinical and not disgusting. I just want everyone's opinions.



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It is a matter of personal preference and all varies with the individual. The topic comes up often and if you search, you can find some rather detailed posts on this.


Personally, I would have to say that I find every other area on a women to be more attractive. The feet would probably be the only other area that makes me hesitate. I think that the physical pleasures to be had from everwhere else, not to mention the emotional pleasures, is so great, that anal is something to pass on.

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I would say that once a women is comfortable in a relationship that she would like all of the above. But that is very generally speaking. Sex is meant to be fun, intimate and sexy and part of the fun is spicing things up, trying new things. I'd say go for it, dont do it all at once though, throw a couple new tricks out randomly, you'll be able to tell from her reaction if shes into it or not.

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