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Started talking to sum-1 else while we pose to b working things out.

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Hey wats

this my first time posting on here. Read many posts but none like my problem. Me and my gurl been going through rough times, and dedided to take a break remain friends while we try to make "us" work . During this time I started talk to another gurl and we fooled around a lil but no sex. I would have this gurl come aver and hang out at my house and when she would leave i would have my ex come over and hang out. the thing is my ex thinks that what i was doing is considered "cheating". any way my question is do any of u out there think that what i was doing is consisdered cheating???

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talk it out with your ex, ask her if she wants to resolve the problems in your relationship, and try to make it work again( assuming you'd like to as well) if your seriousely looking at other people however, i think perhaps that is enough said. just follow what your heart and conscious tell you to do.


and as for as whether or not it was cheating, rules and guidelines should have been set prior to the break

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Maybe it's not exactly cheating, but as you say "fooling around".


Ask yourself how you would feel if your ex did the same thing?


If you are serious about trying to get back together, then this fooling around is probably going to complicate that.


Are you trying to keep your options open with your ex, while also trying out a relationship with someone else?


I think you need to be honest with yourself on this.

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