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I could use some advice!


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Hi there!

So here is my problem. Im here @ college and there are tons of cuties everywhere. I have my standards set pretty high. I love having a beautiful woman. Of course they have to have some sort of intellectual value, because Im not a shallow person. But anyways... I am a very shy person. I have tried being smooth, not shy and "confident". But It feels like that is not who I am. I dont like being fake. I have a really hard time going up to girls and just meeting them. Im very scared of rejection and scared that I might put of a signal that Im a creep and just want in her pants. Im deffinatly not like that, but Im scared thats what it will seem like.


For instance, there is this very beautiful woman that I see around campus all the time (small college). She was in one of my classes and I never talked to her. I just found myself glancing over every once in a while to apreciate how beautiful she was. I had the nerve to say hi on facebook, and I have talked to her there a few times. I definatly want to show this girl that im a good person and we could have great times. Im just too damn shy! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I guess Im just wondering what I should do, I mean its obvious I need to talk to her.. but how!

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The key to keep up a habit of making sure that a comfort zonehas progressed & established so that you 2 feel comfy enough to say hello & ask how one another are doing, weekend, etc.

Talking about the class that you're both in can be helpful & then eventually covering other topics to learn what you both have in common. When you discover you 2 have something in common, whether is be similar schedule times, break b/w classes, or where & how you study. Then perhaps you 2 can study together at some point. If not, then perhaps invite her to a casual event or outing together (coffee, drinks before/after class).

Also if you come off casual & comfortable if she does decline, then that will be extremely helpful, so she doesn't feel any pressure.

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k mate, here are some tips:


1. know your purpose (why are you approaching this girl, what do you want to happen ideally?)


are you trying to get her number, ask her out, or do you want to get to know her better? or are you trying to practice talkin to women?


2. notice something funny about the situation. (the best way to approach a girl or people for that matter, is to have a purpose for starting the conversation) come up with something humorous and unique about the situation. (of course it doesnt have to be humorous)


3. think of an open ended question> think of something you can ask... anything... women like being asked their opinion on things


4. start talking to her, use eye contact, smile and say your comment. and carry on.


5. when you ask for her number, make sure she is either smiling or has laughed at something you said... you dont want to keep chatting to her, and chatting to her consistantly otherwise after time she will see you as a friend.


you have to make the moves... unfortunately thats the way it is. The first time is the hardest (but once you take that leap of faith... it will become much easier)

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lol. if youre too scared to talk to her you don't deserve someone that every other guy at your school prolly wants to get with. its as simple as that. btw facebooking is gay and does not take courage it's the refuge of a scoundrel. i mean if someone facebooks me it's flattering, but also pathetic as hell. only extremely hot ppl can do that (facebook) and get away with it. just ask her out in real life, if you can't do that ask her out via facebook. if she says no assume she was a loser. she wont be hot forever.

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