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Ok so we did nc for a month...and I think it worked...he called me told me he missed me but he wasnt' ready to get back together...thats Good News. I learned alot about what I want for me and a relationship during this past month.


So we hung out once...just caught up with each others lives and said we would talk again...well I sent him a text when I was having a bad day...and told me I needed to slow down with the texting because I'm being too pushy...even though it had nothing to do with us.


So I was like ok I'm sorry if you want to call me and talk its ok but when I need to talk to you its not?? Thats messed up but fine! So I started nc again. He sent me a text a couple days later and said he was sorry for being a jerk and he hoped i was doing ok.


Then I noticed he changed his "top 8" On myspace and I am number 1.


So...what do you guys think he is doing? I'm not getting my hopes up..yes I love this guy but i"m having fun with out him for the mean time...I dont get all emotional every time he texts or sends me an email its nice to hear from him but its not like OOO He wants to get back together.


Any ideas why he does the things he does??? Out of niceness does he still like me? What are your opinions...THanks

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He may be unsure how he feels for you. A part of him still likes you but there are other things keeping him from fully liking or commiting. But he wants to hold on in some way. So he does things like the myspace list. But from the sound of things he doesn't want or isn't ready for a lot of contact with you. Whatever he wants, go with what you want and what is right for you. If you feel better without him, then just go on and don't talk to him. No reason to get in touch with someone if it will just make you puzzeled or upset.

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