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Hello all I have posted on this site earlier about my trust issues with my girlfriend and I know what everyone is gonna say on this site, "your overprotective" or "controlling" but I dont feel as if Im controlling her at all. Anyhoo onto my recent outburst of paranoya. My girlfriend just got a job at this restaraunt and I got really paranoid after her friend told me that all the guys there are super cool and good looking and what not. I have an extremely low self esteem and honestly have no idea how I got such a beautiful girlfriend so I see myself losing her to one of these "cool, good looking guys." I know Im paranoid and I know this isnt good for relationships, but I cant help it but feeling like im gonna lose her... Well thanks for letting me vent a little it always feels good.

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To me it would seem that your relationship problems may have less to do with trust and more to do with your self esteem. I am certain that there are many things about yourself that make you desireable to your girlfriend. Why not make a list of your positive attributes? Also, with love there is always the risk of getting hurt but the benefit far outweighs this. Anyway, I do apologize, I don't have the best advice for self esteem issues other then perhaps to seek out a good book on the subject.

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I agree with Liquid Cherry, this isn't so much about being paranoid as it is about your self esteem. If you started to think higher of yourself, you wouldn't fear losing her to other guys, and could trust her (and the people she is around) better.


Focus on your good points. What are your talents and strengths? Make a list. Ask friends and family. Take compliments to heart and remember them. I know its hard to do, and its easy to start thinking bad about yourself. But you are a good person at heart, with many good qualities. Your girlfriend likes you, not someone else. There is a reason that she is with you. She loves you and loves all the things about you. You are just as cool and hot as these other guys, and you touch her heart in a special way that no one else does. Try to keep thinking of these things. And start getting involved in some activity that you enjoy doing. If you are doing what you love to do, that will help raise your opinion of yourself, because you will be having so much fun that you can't help but feel good.

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