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I Need To Get Over Someone

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i think... and im sure this is just some teenage phase thing but...


i like my friend a little bit more than a friend? who is also a girl?


its all so very cliche but i find myself subconsciously trying to ignore her so she pays more attention to me. its basically the same thing as when i have a crush on a guy friend. and when im in class with her i guess we flirt (???) a lot. but she flirts with everyone (all her friends). and its fun for both of us so im kinda scared.


im also straight. and so is she. so this is actually really confusing


and yeah we connect. at least i do to her. i dont know if its mutual or not.


im also completely sure she doesnt like me back


and i need to get over it. so what could i do to get over it?



--> someone said i should just go with it and get with her. if i should do this instead, how might i go on doing it?

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