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Hang in there .....we've all been there and you've read it all. Now its time for you to go through it all ...alone....be strong we're here for you. If you must let it out, cry and allow yourself to feel things. I lost my father back 7 years ago...and that pain is still there, believe me it hurts. When my girl comes and goes...it hurts, i cry-breath, think of my dad and that pain puts things in perspective. The GREATEST HUMAN LIE is the worlwide notion that we're meant to be with one person...for ever. But nothing last forever, everything changes...people too...move on, come back later....ect


If someone told us that TRUTH when we were groing up, maybe we'd stop holding on so much, waiting and hoping for that day when we meet "that" special one to stay with us forever...ever...and ever. But while we wait for that day, many many many special things are coming and going out of our lives. Life is short and is meant to be shared with others. Not on "that special day", but maybe everyday for every day we have on this physical planet.


I cry...because no one told me that...nothing last forever. When we are born, we die someday, to be born again. Next time you meet someone(could be today) remember its not forever, only its for now. Enjoy all they have to offer and be better than yesterday.

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The pain behind your words certainly punctuates your past. I'm sorry for the difficulties that you have had to deal with and your interpretation of forever is understandable. Forever to many would be considered a lifetime and I believe that there is a special one for us to find and be with. I also believe that in different stages in your life, that special one can be a different person. For instance, a friend of mine lost his wife to cancer 2 years ago, she was only 34. She left behind a 2 year old daughter and a devastated husband. They "were" the perfect match for each other, an example of what love is by every definition. When they found each other, the each found "the one." Well today she is gone and my friend deeply misses her but he has now met and will soon be marrying someone he met while taking his daughter to day care. They are a perfect match and I wish them a lifetime of love. So yes in a sense "the one" can be more defined by where you are in life, not as a sum of your entire life.


As for your father, I can only say that he was and is well loved. A sign that he was a great man whose legacy will be carried on through a lifetime of generations which in itself could be "forever".



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Thank you....I just don't have much to say these days...it seems all is in constant motion and we as humans are shifting all the time to adjust, to sleep better at night with whatever doctrine or belief we've adopted.

Nontheless, you make solide points and I can only be happy for you and for your friend. My experience has been mine, but if it should mean something...anything to anyone than its purpose was reached.


My father is indeed a great man, and regardless of his mistakes...he will continue to be that great man. Thanks again!

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Wanna hear how deep it goes...I was not able to attend his funeral because back then I had no money, and no reliable ressources. But its ok now because I can have some closure and move on with things. I guess everyone deals with it diff. SO my experience may not be such as yours, indeed you might not grieve as much, and truthly I am past that stage. The one thing that never goes is the fact that well ....they're no longer here physically. I do feel his presense spiritually and I use that thinking to be the best person I can be, learn from my errors. But there are other times when its best to feel, to let your guards down, take a breath and tissues, and let things happen naturally.

It sucks but it's a blessing in disguise.


I wish you a fast greiving period and much happiness in the present.

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Thanx for sharing this GreatGuy, it just shows that you're not the only one suffering from stress, deception, or other problems. There will always be challenges and you have to deal with them. And yea, it must be sad losing a father, it doesn't matter if you lost him when you were just a kid or as a 40 year-old grown up, either way you lost a beloved one, you care about a lot. GreatGuy may your father rest in peace.

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